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The only country in the world, which has more women entrepreneurs than men and yet the businesses are more likely to underperform and don't make as much profit as those of men that is the finding of a report the World Bank is releasing today. It says a particular problem is a lack of capital all collateral to put up in order to get loans to grow their businesses or one woman who's more than bucked the trend is talk to divine. Simbi Andrew cola who Forbes named its woman Africa businesswoman of this year, and she's been labeled the Queen of the security industry. Basically, I grew up in enterpreneur. I always knew that I wanted to be in business. I saw an opportunity in the security sector. It'd be time that I was also getting services from the sector and actually an opportunity to full forecast the company that was going to be giving uncompromising Civis levels. I went into it's so on this World Bank report that one of the issues they're saying is there's a lack of capital getting money to invest and then to grow. Did you come up against problems in this area? All Nichols accessing capitals one but not one of the major ones in my deal. The other issues that they want to deal with full for them to grow. Yes. Lick of capital, but capital biscotti becomes functional markets so women have trucks is sustainable markets for them to be able to grow. And I think the social constraints that are associated with being in businesses woman. What are those social constraints, then they are demanding the role of being a good mother? That is a competition between your weekend in the home. So really does social constrains. Don't make women girls is they would want to and how did you manage is? It literally income is it being able to afford to kind of get support to run both your personal life and family life and your work life. It is critically important to give support for family members it with your siblings. With husband will your children for me. I think I build what I called is my partnership with my husband was late now with my kids in with my siblings. Such that the issue. One of them played the role in which I was doing endangered. Let's kill them alone. It's a big ask isn't it really for women to kind of have to wait until there's a societal change. So they can kind of get ahead and business because they've clearly got the ideas, they they've clearly got the energy to get ahead. But what would your advice be to women in Africa listening to this who have those entrepreneurial skills, and they want to progress them. What would you say? I think for me everything boils down to self confidence. The believes that I can be what I want to be entitled to be successful. They believe that I can conceive some in it twenty. I think is they keeping everything else photos if as long as your mind is been one. The pep talk of the morning from that amazing women, Dr divine Simbi and loophole art. She is Forbes woman Africa businesswoman of the year also favorite story of the past few days. Let's go back to it the renaming of the capital of Kazakhstan this was because the country's first president strongman for nearly thirty years Nursultan Nazarbayev kinda surprised the country after thirty years in power of standing down. Anyone expecting big change should bear in mind. The fact that the interim president who's now sitting in the presidential palace decided to Mark this event by changing the name of the capital, Astana to new Soltan in a sort of recognition, I suppose of his previous boss. Our correspondent Raihan Dmitri reports from the former Astana now Nursultan asking people whether there's any hopes for change. Under the interim, president Cassim Tokai of it's business as usual in Kazakhstan. But Lisa forcing into a minivan. A handful of people who came out to protest against the renaming of the capital..

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