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Alphabet its board of directors for allegedly covering up sexual misconduct claims against top executives with more. Here's KCBS is scary who to sack the lawsuit filed in San Mateo county. Superior court by Google shareholder. James Martin seeks three new board directors attorneys during a news conference in San Francisco argued the company had breached its duty to shareholders when it approved large exit packages for former executives after determining that their work credible allegations of sexual misconduct. Attorney Louis Rennie the perpetrators of the sexual harassment have been rewarded handsomely in one case by ninety million dollars payout. And that's just wrong. She's referring to Android creator. Andy Rubin who received a ninety million dollar exit package. From Google despite asking for his resignation after finding sexual misconduct claims against him credible. Attorney and Ravel says it just shows the board is enabling discrimination by protecting those at the top environment where people who are not at the top are going to receive retribution. They're going to feel intimidated that they can't speak up and everybody else gets a free pass in San Francisco. Carrie Hodousek KCBS, the nineteen year veteran of the contra Costa county fire protection district has now been charged with possession of controlled substances and embezzlement. They contra Costa county district attorney's office says it has now charged. Richard Stevenson, chief of emergency medical services with two felony embezzlement charges and two misdemeanor drug charges alleging he's still drugs belonging to the fire district to support a drug habit. Contra Costa county fire spokesman Steve hill tells KCBS Stevenson has been on administrative leave since the arrest and officials have expected that. Department stock of controlled substances from all fire engines trucks, and rescue vehicles. Great news is that we did not find any signs of tampering with any of the operational. Stocks of medicine that had been in the field. However out of an abundance of Russian we made the decision to completely replace all of them. Anyway, the reopening date for San Francisco's transbay transit center shuttered, four months because of some cracked steel beams remains in question KCBS, gentlemen reports from city hall, the latest meeting.

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