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All day tomorrow, that's what makes me nervous because we get a lot of people are going to come out tomorrow and vote. Yeah. But for the most part, our voters and cop county as the gentleman that are she said that came out early. So we got a lot of banks and keep going. By the way, don't take your foot off the gas. Friday because I had to get on a plane and get down here. I had a very important person to pick up and bring to vote on the last day of open voting. So cocaine bear has officially voted. Okay, good. Thank you for that update. Okay, there Appreciate that. Thank you for the update on cocaine. Okay. As you said, Stephanie, you don't take your foot off the gas, kind of like the Cincinnati Bengals into the Kansas City Chiefs yesterday and will do to any other team that gets in their way. Oh, really? Like the LA rams came in here on the rams out. They're like four and 12. They're not, they're not doing good this year. I live in the past. I live in my past glory, and that's all I care about. We have a football team here called the rams, and this is not their season. Okay. Well, all I know is they'd be cliffs. Last year. Tiger people. Last year. I hear people. That's right. We buy. Yeah, yeah, we're going to come in your rams house and okay, let's go to Teresa in Washington, you're on with cliff. Hi, Teresa Black man. When a black man says that he likes Hitler, I think Jesse Owens and Harry treated him. And then when people say that Jews are taking over Hollywood, I think Louis B mayor Cecil B. DeMille, Sam Goldwyn. They were just a creative Hollywood. You don't think there would still be a lot of juice there, maybe the lowest family? The way to me doesn't say, what the hell are you talking about? There was something good about Hitler. What? Name it. Guys, right. Yes, I thought that point had been decided Hitler bass. Bad. Hitler bad. I mean, not that controversial now. It's good. Like everything with right. Right. By the way, can I say something, by the way, Stephanie is quickly as theoretically a Jew, even though I don't practice. Have you gone professional? Yeah. I'm an amateur at this point. I want to participate in the Jew Olympics. So here's the thing. There were Jews involved in Hollywood. They're Jews involved in the media. They're Jews involved in the law in legal practice. It doesn't mean they run and control all of those things. And I know you'll call it what was getting at that. And I don't know, she may have said it in artfully. But yes, there have been Jewish folks involved in a lot of these things. Just because there are some Jews in them. Does it mean Jews completely run the halls? Right. That's something that people on the right have a really hard time with. They're like, well, Goldman Sachs, I'm like, yes, and Morgan Stanley, that sounds pretty Jewish. By the way, I was saying, I loved that. Alex Jones tried to rehabilitate Kanye by having him on to say, you're not an anti semite, and then Kanye immediately said, you know who's great as Hitler. So now, Kanye has surfaced over the weekend to post a rant about Elon Musk. By saying, am I the only one who thinks Elon could be half Chinese? So are you just not even throwing a little anti Asian? I guess he was just the anti isn't he? Have you ever seen his picks as a child? Whatever not tweeted, whatever. Take a Chinese genius made them with a South African supermodel. We have any lawn. I say Annie long because they probably made ten to 38 lawns and he's the first genetic hybrid that's stuck. Well, let's not forget about Obama. So I guess that would be him losing Elon Musk of being a and also Barack Obama. Okay. Remember when we thought the worst thing he would do is like be a complete jerk to Taylor Swift. Man, he's made up some ground in the west. Who knew the Kim Kardashian would come out of that as the respectable woman like, wow. He's sober and it's very, very thoughtful. Kim Kardashian, in comparison. All right. 50 minutes after the hour, this portion of the show brought you by men. Matt grace. And man crates. Well, I whisky creek. I want a crowbar. Well, I know what you want. You want your grill master crate. You're all about the meat. You're all about the whisky. You're just, it's like, it's like I work at a renaissance fair. I'm a winch. I'm just a wench here. But everyone loves sending their man person a man Cray because you get to watch him open it with a crowbar. That's right. And there's lots of manly stuff in there, but it's a fantastic gift, right? We can't help but we like to break stuff open. We're dudes. I know. It turns me on. I don't even drink hard liquor, but it's just, there's a handmade whisky decanter, tumblers, ice fear mold slate coasters, snacks. I mean, it's amazing. But I like it too. Yes, Trevor, I will. That's right, cecily. All right. The grill master crate. I mean, you get a brass knuckle meat tenderizer. What's not macho about that? A cast iron smoker box steak thermometers and more. I mean, even if you have a losing Super Bowl team, this will make you feel like more like a man. Harshness. Sorry. Listen, I'm sorry, but also, yes. If you're someone who's team is up, let's say, three and 14 right now. And you're right. Okay, but if you live in the past like me, colony is like Kevin McCarthy's. Yeah. Well, if you're like me and you live in your past glory, you would send cliff schechner, right? And you would just say, happy holidays, loser. Here's your man crate. I expect that from you

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