Jim Hanson and Sebastian Chat About '2000 Mules'


So I mentioned it got to talk about it. That is the now the most successful documentary of the modern age in just over a week, it's netted 10 million gross. It has had a million downloads. It is 2000 meals. I'm in it guys full disclosure. I've got a stake in it, but it is so important. Got to ask you, this told us we were conspiracy theorists. That's nothing happened. We've got in just the areas where Greg Phillips Catherine, engelbrecht and the 2000 mules team looked. We have at least 400,000 illegal ballots that were being trafficked by NGOs by individuals who went to 27 drop boxes in 36 hours at 2 a.m. 3 a.m. what is your reaction to this? Is this a game changer? Will it affect those who are un political or in the middle potentially? What it needs to change is any state that still has a law that allows mail out ballots to everybody, ballot harvesting or any of these ways that our ballots don't go from one person's hand to the election officials directly should be outlawed. Now, I can understand mail in balloting at some level if you've got controls like states that do it well, is okay. But the states that just mail them out and these NGOs scarf them up, I got to tell you, in 2019, November, my wife and I took information to the Republican National Committee about ballot harvesting in California. Concrete concrete showed that they were doing it. They were registering people at Starbucks with addresses at dog parks, at places like this. We gave them the dataset that showed this. And they were like, that's great. We're going to go buy some 32nd attack ads.

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