Voice of the Martyrs' Todd Nettleton on the Story of Richard Wurmbrand


The story of Richard Verne brund is just unlike anything I had ever heard incredibly moving. He wrote a book called tortured for Christ, and I'm sitting here with the head of the ministry that he started one of the people with the ministry Todd nettleton here from Oklahoma to share about a film that's coming out, Todd, welcome. Thank you. It's great to be with you. Listen, voice of the martyrs, for ever since I've been a believer. I have just been thrilled to know the existence of voice of the martyrs, and when I heard the story of Richard Werner and got to meet him, I couldn't even believe it. I said, this is a living hero who experienced the most wicked persecution imaginable, the communists who are inveterate atheists. They hate God, they hate the people of God. He lived through that and had to love of Jesus in his heart even for those who tortured him. It is unbelievable and there's a book. There's a movie, tell us what is out right now. Well, as you say, he's an amazing hero of the faith. And one of the things I think is so remarkable is Richard managed to keep separate the sin and the sinner. He would often say, you know, I hate communism, but I love communists because Jesus died for them. We need to talk to them about Christ. And so all through 14 years in prison, three years in solitary confinement, tortured again and again and again, he managed to keep that love even for the people who were persecuting him. And so this book, the film, really we want to tell this story to a new generation who maybe isn't familiar with Richard and Sabine ore brand. Frankly, may not be familiar with communism. Right. We want them to know these stories of, like you say, heroes of the faith. Well, people need to know the evilness of evil.

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