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Who really strong company over in europe innovest parties. You're probably getting get around a nice price. And now we're going to move on to churchill downs. They have a really nice card of graded stakes and some some pretty good Listed races But the downside of that is a couple of graded. Stakes are very top heavy in the first race. That we're gonna discuss is certainly that. That's the floor. This is probably the best of the two dirt stakes this weekend. Definitely better than the stephen foster and you know. This is filled with a couple affiliates. That are still trying to find themselves and also is headlined by the one big star of the distaff distaff division. I'm gonna let eric talk about this field. Because i also have a preview. On youtube i go pretty extensively into this but my pick is going to be a while. I do think that there there are horses in here. That have upside. I'm not going to try to beat lotrowska in this race. I totally agree with that. That oxide i. It's going to take a ton of money and you're obviously not be favored overlooks rooster. But there's no denying that churchill form her win last time out in the shawnee was one of her best career performance and her best career races last two career. Winds have come over this track in in you know. She looks like a world leader. In my opinion in both of those efforts in n was only being on length but she knows the devil who is still very talented so loud there and then of course you have some old faces. Like point of honor from the rail for new connections spices. Nice coming off that first career on graded stakes win and then antoinette. Getting back on the dirt after we saw her on it a couple times a year picked up some good placings internet's interesting from a set standpoint. We know she likes to go to the lead but she's never been one to go out and said you know lincoln quick fractions and we know lotrowska is the type of course he likes to be done blazing on the front. I don't think it's going to take out though she's my pick and he or she is. She's done everything. Right is the easiest field. She spaced the houston ladies. Classic and i. I don't i don't think coast. He's doing after work for it but She she's she's giving you all indication she's using peak form. I love that the connection to turn around so quick and have that confidence in her. So i think it's a pretty pretty easy pick for me but at the same time. I think the you know with the talent that we've seen from some of these. These female racehorse in the past. They could they could shoot me. Jump up and thrown a surprise. And now we're going to move onto the next race that we're gonna get into we're going to skip the two two year old stakes. There are a pair of interesting two year old races. So if you like a baby races at this part of the year than that is another attraction to this car but You know we're not too focused on two year olds outside of maiden watch at this time of year. So we're going to move onto the war chance stakes that which is a mile race for three year olds in this race is just flat out all over the place you know. You can make a case about every single horse in this race. And i wouldn't say that that's necessarily a positive thing because you know. A lot of these sources are relatively inconsistent relatively all over the place The the headline harrison. You know really calling him. The headline horse doesn't feel right but the horse that probably most people are going to recognize is helium. The one of the starters from the kentucky derby won the tampa bay derby earlier in the year. The reason he's here most likely because he had a couple of runs at woodbine when he was a two year old. So you know the if he can run at woodbine on the synthetic he's probably going to be just fine running here on the turkeys by ironic a horse who ran in the breeders cup dirt mile. I believe in two thousand sixteen was a year and outside of that. You know there. There's a few interesting horses a wesley. Wards here with with Next who i i would say is coming out of two races. Where he was definitely very overmatched. So he's getting a class drop. That's a good thing for him. But i usually like to try to look for consistency when i pick races and the consistency that i got here was a credit This horse is to for four in his lifetime but his two two of his winds have come when he's running on turf. His first start of the year was in march at as a thrilled. That was at turf way on the all weather. That didn't go too well for him. Back wanna maiden keeneland on the turf then ran in the dirt are ran on the journey. Should say chill on the ninth of may also didn't go too well for him Last out you want a turf race turf allowance. At churchill downs going a mile and a sixteenth he is cutting back slightly but I'm not really super concerned about the cutback for him again. I needed to find some kind of consistency and credit was the horse that had the most consistency in this race. Very tough spot credits. A great big. I thought he was producer. But i going to go to western awards next year. I yeah too bad races in a row with the american turf in the fraction dorton crazy.

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