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Saturday February twenty-second nine eastern six Pacific. Here so I'm actually looking forward to that fight that is It is as big a heavyweight fight. Light as we've had in a very very long time so should be interesting. I'm watching Clippers eat right now and Do Co. is heating up a little bit now. Clippers numbers of taking a lead eighty nine eighty five. They were trailing early in this one but chipped away very quickly they should beat Miami no drag. It's no Kendrick Nunn today. Those those are two of their top six rotation guys gotta start in their six men out if the clippers don't win this one that's a bad look especially after they blew that twenty point lead to the hawks the other day like this. It should be a win yet. I didn't even know that. Miami's only home loss. So far this year was to the Lakers in controversial fashion. Because the two minute reports said that the Jimmy Taylor was filed So they're really tough at home but when you're missing two of your top six guys like that should be. An easy clipper win. Should James James in Tarzana. He wants to talk about all the conversations we were. Just having about the Lakers. Particularly what's up James. Yeah I listen to the radio and listening to people in the new. I mean every newspaper articles and stuff like that and it seems like Everybody WanNa talk. So bad about the Lakers. Like we're not really doing that. We have first first place and we can expect to have all the best players in the world so yeah we do got Rondo and we got coups and I think he's doing a great job. I'm sitting here his role but people just want to give us like all all the time. I think we don't really good. You know I'm with you. I that's why I said people need to take a breath. James you know like I think that there little things that you can tweak for sure but if I told you you were thirty thirty six thousand nine if I would have said that to you on you know when they opened camp on September twenty fifth or whatever it was you take that in a heartbeat. Man I would. Yeah and Eh and another thing with people. Talking about the Clippers Clippers Buddhist now. Listen the clip. We've got to get to the Lakers. They might not make the playoffs. My Dan- dangerous. Let's relax they're gonNA make make your play offs the we're pretty good position right now. I mean they're the three seed they're not. Yeah the thirty one and fourteen far from full. The eighth seed in the whole on James Old on the eighth seed is three games under five hundred. They're not missing seeing the playoffs. Well they might make the but they may not make two okay number one. I'll tell you this right now. It's it's working out perfectly for everybody because if the clippers are the three seat if they remain the three seed. You wouldn't see the Lakers until the conference finals. Yeah but I don't think the hold up to three you. No that's my thing. I don't know if they hold up because Colli he played every other game Jordan always hurt and another guy who knows they get mad they said Oh man how come I gotta work hard every day but this is fan right now. I'll play every other game. I don't like that. Yeah Clipper Fan. I'm a Laker Fan. Eight the clippers. You know I feel you. I mean the Toronto Raptors felt that way and thanks for the call James James The Toronto Raptors a lot of them I mean they. Don't you could say that now. 'cause they won right but they they lie. Guys are feeling that way. They didn't know how to react to the whole thing thing and then they went seventeen and five with Adams. They felt pretty good and they ended up winning the chip. And you look back like Amen. Whatever it was it was worth it for sure like? I don't think there's any doubt about that. So look say what you want about that. Dude that dude produces when it matters eight seven seven seven ten. ESPN IF YOU WANNA have aboard. Eight seven seven seven ten three seven seven six I mentioned Andrea dollar was all over. ESPN today and we'll play a bunch of these clips here throughout the next couple minutes. You're listening to Caspian Los Angeles by the way. Here's what he said about the clippers. You live the clippers in a little different Because they have a lot of weapons like you said Mantras Chris Heralds putting up. You know he gets thirty. You know seems like every other week and Lou Williams is able to get to the foul on like no other and he's showing that he can do in the playoffs as well. Last year's playoff performance especially can suss was is amazing and come back in thirty one game and Taking a game from US in Golden State they made us up game a little bit so you know they have a lot of weapons as well They've been really solid in terms of whether position right now considering their injuries and considering that quieter and Paul George having been on the floor as much so you know You want to see them play a little bit more these last you know thirty forty games and seeing if they can build some chemistry go into the playoffs because see. That's the one thing I'm I am concerned about is that there is even when they do play together. There is a lot of your turn my turn with Paul and coli and I do think that you could still get to the finals that way. I mean it's possible. I saw Wade and Lebron do that their first year but the west is tougher than that Eastwood's back then so I'm with Andrea. I think you need to get a little little chemistry going. Here's what a good things about the Lakers. So far well Lebron James has been to so many emmys you you lose count of. How many finals has been too? I think he's one of those very few players who elevates every other four guys on his team like no other you kind of like Magic Johnson. Like everybody's a threat on the floor..

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