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Takes us behind the music at the reach. Tickets at national symphony dot org. WTO P at 6 38. It's traffic and weather on the 8s now and it's back to Jack of the traffic center. Okay, that may be some trouble in the district now, I two 95 north have been a little bit heavy, just coming up out of box and COVID but getting slower as you roll towards suitland Parkway where we may have a crash, I think Cruz are running both north and southbound. D.C. two 95 we'd had a little delay as you approach nanny hill and burrows avenue down toward east capital street. Freeway still looks good. No worries yet between the 14th and the 11th street bridges, northeast and northwest were a little heavy inbound New York avenue passing bladensburg road and top end third street tunnel riding up toward the light of New York avenue. Minnesota avenue between Ames, street and Blaine street northeast, closed. That's due to police activity, inbound K street after Washington circle northwest. Last heard we'd had one broken down in the far right lane. Beltway, looking good in Virginia, a little heavy on the inner loop to ride up past gallows road. Maryland, we're going to get a delay topside out of the New Hampshire to Georgia. And we're looking good. Prince George's county, a little heavier on the outer loop, leaving four 50 back toward college park. All right, earlier this morning we had had a trucking Virginia south on the George Washington Parkway down near the memorial bridge oversized had been blocking that right lane out toward manassas 28 north near Orchard bridge drive. We had an earlier crash, 66 remains a bit heavy, east bound leaving Gainesville, briefly again in manassas toward Centreville, then at the beltway interchange 95, we've got delays, Dale City and woodbridge, then again, moving through lord and toward newington, riding into Springfield, but again, should find nothing in your way. Let info blocks Keras off and all the reseller partners support your agency's yearend IT needs with camera soft's federally focused 24/7 assistance. Learn more at count, on Keras off dot com. Jack Taylor TOP traffic. Chad Merrill has a look at our forecast. We've got a gorgeous start to the work week, plenty of sunshine this morning into the afternoon, southwest wind at ten to 15 miles an hour temperatures in the upper 70s

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