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Why wouldn't you want? Everybody involved in illegal surveillance view. Why wouldn't they be a target of a lawsuit a civil suit by you? Well, I think you know, it's it's still early days. Sean, you know, and I think you've been on the frontline of this for the last two years, right? Trying to get the information out there. And unfortunately, the government has been very slow on just closures. And again, this is part of why today is such a historic moment for. Soon to be attorney general bar just really taking the reins of that department and helping to right the ship. Hopefully, so I think there's going to be great opportunities in the time ahead. So and I was still still because if you were you were very we were more open in previous interviews, we've had about your desire and willingness to help our government. Against a photo like Russia, and that you cooperated fully. And I think it's important that people know, and I think a when when obviously unverified information than fraud is committed on a court. And you're the victim of it. You certainly have a lawsuit in front of you. And I think everybody involved should be held accountable. Don't you want everyone involved at nap fraud to be held accountable. Absolutely, Sean, and I'm working on that. And I think we'll have more to say on that in the weeks and months ahead. But again, I think if you have constructive solid leadership at the top of DOJ, it will help to turn around a lot of this corruption. And again, the civil division within DOJ is, you know, the ones that are responsible for these the lawsuits. I'm in often. So, you know, I think when we have better more effective leadership. We're hoping I mean, you know, if if we don't do it, right? This time this is our last shot. So I hope the new attorney general bar does his job because if he does we're gonna lay out who should be investigated. We'll give him we'll we'll do his job for him tonight with with all the evidence all the laws that are in play Carter page. Thanks for being with us. Thanks a lot, Sean. You're you're doing good of a job. I think things are changing. So I just wanna cake with a file. That's all. All right. Thank you Carter page, eight hundred nine four one, Sean when we come back wide open telephones next. Now from the t plus ride dot com traffic center, we've got delays on the northbound Senate thirty-five this afternoon starting at Pennsylvania highway thirty six southbound thirty five backing up from ninety four to Saint Clair.

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