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That like in the southern part of the state that's kind of like in the middle but it's it's closer to Saint Louis so it's like an hour and a half to Saint Louis so grew up having season tickets the St Louis blues games when I went down there all the time in our van and I was pretty special moment when they're actually finally won one yeah meanwhile can story played played were we got him for the in the north American hockey league for the Springfield junior lose those so do you play with ready Thomas yeah yeah yeah man man him where roommates the entire time saw known offered way too long now you guys are doing roommates for a lot of the real roommates now too great story wants to hear about my life about his recruiting story saw anybody want to hear the story yeah anyway okay you're here when I was going to give it whether you want it or not so but it Joe Doyle like he he liked Brady Tom lack so he says yeah I I you know I'd be it we we we cannot because I want you to going to watch Brady Tom like on a Friday so I'm going to watch Brady and Donna and Brady a very good at night ready a very good so I went down pretty was kind of not I thought he could been hostile little bit more so I go down in a day talk to Brady that call Joe doily set hallways Tom like I go I go not very good I go but I really like Trevor stone and we had known your story the play juniors for awhile ago really like stories game you know and I said I'm gonna go talk to a to a topper afterwards we had already had topper committed so I was gonna going to kick him in the tale of tell me needs to work harder for me and then find out you know well what I don't even know switch stories grades were if you have an interest or anything so maybe you member that I want to talk to and that that and you said yeah I have an interest I but I'm a pretty darn good student I have an interest and died and I going I've daughter to watch Tom because what Tom was my roommate he lives with yeah for one yeah yeah that's a good thing Tom like for having a bad game that they stand out a little bit.

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