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To be to get back to earth safely about ninety degrees the you were unavailable for comment Charlie harder como o'neill speaking of being way out in space a tiny town in Nevada in the desert has become what feels like the center of the universe is people from all over the world are trying to book hotel rooms for September they're hoping to see aliens yep all involves a Facebook Joe here's ABC's Alex stone Rachel Nevada is swell in the middle of no where population fifty six people the closest town the area fifty one the base long rumored to hold alien remains on the twenty Kanye west is the owner of the little alien it's a motel her phone hasn't stopped ringing for a week since a Facebook craze calling on a mass of people to storm area fifty one overwhelm security on September twenty eighth to see what's on the military base they were interested and another million said that they were coming here force warns illegally entering area fifty one would be dangerous that like stone ABC news well in light of the trending Facebook events to storm area fifty one last week the company tweeted quote we'd like to be the first brand to formally announce that we will not be sponsoring this raid earlier this week they added a tweet offering free beer to any alien that makes it out come on news time six twenty eighths attention would be crazy if you pack your bags and left he's cool life is calling how far will you go to find out more call one eight hundred four two four eight five eight zero or visit he's core dot.

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