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My eyes are fucking wiped by the end of the day but not since I've been wearing Felix Gray blue light glasses Felix gray launched in two thousand sixteen with a singular focus of offering the most effective computer glasses on the market with all the quality of brand name designer frames and they quickly became the Internet's favorite Blue Blue Light Glasses Felix gray filters out ninety percent of high energy blue light illuminates ninety nine percent of the harsh glare coming from your screens. So the relief you feel sliding on the Felix grades. It's going to blow your mind. I've got the fair day frames golf. Seen Him on my instagram. I've got the Nash as well. The fair days the clear ones I have but they've got all the different colors. I've got nash their fly. They're both so sexy. You see me styling man. They mayes feel so good. Unlike other brands who use cheap blue light coatings that are ineffective in chip or scratch Felix? Gray uses a proprietary blue light technology. That's embedded directly into the lens available in prescription nonprescription and readers Felix Gray has you covered with optical glasses for work and sleep glasses in the evening clinically proven to increase Melatonin secretion when Warren leading up to bedtime. Why would you buy glasses from company? Whose so focus isn't making glasses. I Trust Felix Gray because they make the best blue light glasses in the game. They're phenomenal. I Love I've I've three pairs now. Three two different colors. I've got the black fared as well. I forgot and the clear ones and the Nash phenomenal. Go to Felix Gray Glasses. Dot Com slash. Rvp Get a pair of blue light glasses from the pros today. Shipping and returns are totally free. That's F. E. L. I. X. G. R. A. Y. GLASSES DOT COM slash. Rvp Greg glasses dot com slash rb p some announcements in shouts happy birthday..

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