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Bernard, Jesse Jackson, Congressman discussed on The View



Go ahead. We're speaking about the news comments, and it was saying that he didn't he although he was seeking out to act on on this. He did not commit a hate crime. And it is good that he recognizes the deep of darkness and offense and bigotry that was inside him at that moment and sought help and didn't think God act on it. I mean, listen, I I'm not gonna lie. There have been times when things have happened, and I've gone directly to what someone is someone whether you're driving a car, and you look like well in the old days when I could still drive, you know, if you look like somebody that shouldn't have been driving cuss you out as that person people walk around sometimes with rage. That's what happens is he a bigot. No, I'm known. I'm pretty long time. I think I wouldn't recognize I've been around a lot of real bigots. You know? So I I can say this man is is not one. But let's remember back nine hundred four G member. Bernard gets you know. People will call in the police to congratulate the so way vigilante, so let us not forget that we we've seen this in other people and perhaps in ourselves. So you can't be surprised at somebody who's loved one is tacked is angry wants to go out and attack. What he did go onto say, which we didn't show you on. Is that he realized that it was too dark for him. He went got himself, and he's sort of found himself talking about this in a way that he was surprised to find. Because it wasn't something that he thought well, this is the middle of the conversation. He told the story to someone in it's in the thing. So that's provoked to conversation at this table. I. I just want to reiterate that I believe in constructive conversations about race. I just don't think people should spew. That's my issue. If there's a reason why people don't say those things in front of me because they know I will not I do not like that. I will not go there. And so good keep quiet on one here it that's where I'm at. Well, if someone yes, if someone comes up to you and says something that's kind of off. But what do you do if you did something in your past? What do you do if you say here? This is what I did. So now, do you not say this is where I got to. And I got myself out of it does is that helpful. I never know because you know, I walk a very crooked line. Sometimes you know, I do because I'm not perfect. I say stuff sometimes I do stuff. And that's what happens, and I hear it when I do it on the forgive and put their all. I mean how. This up today. I actually think it's very important to have conversations. And there's another example is there is a man who was a member of I believe the KKK who reformed himself and now. Speaks speeches gives me on how he was sort of mentally taken to the place where he could commit the kind of actions. He couldn't I do think people can atone in people can reform, and I actually think that having open dialogue and not being scared to absolute the air of your ways is important. You know there before the grace of God all. Do now. So you know, what shake it off? Notes. You will be better whenever you make yourself better. We'll be back. Kasan of civil rights giant Reverend? Jesse Jackson go from following his father's footsteps as a leader to doing time in federal prison. What did his mother do that helped him survive behind bars? Former congressman Jesse Jackson junior earned his mother Jacqueline are live on the view next. This is on the view. You know, the hot topics are how to control breakdown toy. By blood from the award stage to our stage, the one and only the land close kids the view this week on ABC. Hey with son of civil rights. Pine is Jesse and Jacqueline Jackson was poised to continue his family's legacy of leadership as Chicago congressman, but his life took a different turn in two thousand thirteen when he was sent federal prison for campaign finance fraud..

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Bernard, Jesse Jackson, Congressman discussed on The View

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