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Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala nickel? Arago Panama, Peru, Grenada and Uruguay just about every country in this MS fear, according to Stephen Kinzer, author of overthrow America's century of regime change from Hawaii to Iraq, US-backed, coups and invasions tend to follow three steps. The first thing that happens is that that country make some kind of a problem for an American corporate interest with tries to impose taxes or it limits the amount of land they can own or tries to subject them to local labor laws and that company then complains to the US government. That's phase one then inside the American political process. The motive changes it morphs. Then we decide if country acts is bothering an American company. It must mean that that country is an enemy of ours. So we're intervening for strategic reasons. That's phase two. Two. And then phase three comes when it's time for us to explain why we did it to justify it. Then we forget both of those motivations. We say always another reason. And that was we did it to protect the poor suffering masses in that country who are being brutalized. This is something that always works with Americans. We are very compassionate. People are leaders know, this about us, the mother of all such interventions you believe was quite a Malla. So what happened in Guatemala in nineteen? Fifty four was a classic archetype of the way we operate, and what angers us the Guatemalan government finally in the late forties and early nineteen fifties became democratic the great injustice at that time in Guatemala was that although large numbers of people were living on the edges of starvation. United fruit company owned hundreds of thousands of acres that it didn't use. So under the Arbenz government in Guatemala in the early nineteen fifties. Congress passed a land reform law that required large landowners, principally United fruit to sell their unused land to the government. Which would then cut it up and divided up for peasant families, the outrage that knighted fruit felt course, through the White House, and led us to conclude that quantum Malla must be a hostile enemy and that led us into the intervention, which overthrew the only democracy Guatemala's ever known in nineteen fifty four look back at the results. A civil war began a few years later, and that's civil war lasted for thirty years. It's sickening on the face of it. More sickening. Still in the fact that the US press the watchdogs of our government were leading the chairs the United fruit company hired very. Skilled propagandists. Edward bernez. The father of public relations to persuade Americans that Guatemala was their enemy. They started producing films like one called why the Kremlin hates bananas. There is a very special reason why they must hate bananas in Moscow..

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