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Someone who had already interviewed him on my name is Daniel Kramer. I'm so maker and Film Historian and I'm the author of the Book Synergy, life? themselves. And Daniel. A filmmaker himself was able to talk to Sidney J fury about all of his movies for a book about him that he wrote. And he's also a fan. He's a mench I mean he's very very private. He's very secretive, and in a way that I think a lot of directors I mean I. I've gotten to know a lot of directors in my travails in Mr being very kind of holding his cards very close to the chest and just not you know not wanting to really answer to too much of of what he's done and when I met Him we will. It was really early in the morning. It was maybe like eight thirty in the morning or so we need we went out to direct list for the first hour before we talked about any of that he just wanted to know get to know me and wanted to know about my family wanted to know my background and and everything else. So then. Then we kind of moved up to his hotel room and talking about his career and we kind of began at the beginning for Sydney, J fury doing a superman movie was an opportunity to do something. He hadn't done yet a number one. He had written the scripture project called Marvel of the haunted castle. And this was actually ready to go at Fox. They had a script by dogs they even had made up. That was canceled for a number of reasons and Sydney really wanted to do a film that was affects driven because that was like a frontier that he hadn't. Explored then that was becoming more and more the norm and the eighties and sit always wanted to stay kind of in current. Was that, oh, I can't do that. I can do an affects movie in this in this capacity, the script was Therese's liking and the director was on board casting wise Mariel Hemingway was brought in as a new character lacy, which would set up a sort of love triangle with Lois Lane there would be to nuclear men the bad guys. First one would be played by clive mantle who doesn't really work all that well, and a second more formidable nuclear man we'll be played by. Mark Pillow. Margot kidder Gene Hackman were returning to the series as well. In Superman three kidder's role of Lois Lane was reduced to basically an extended cameo and Hackman as being bad guy lex luther was nowhere to be found. The reason for this may have been disputes killer had with saw kind that occurred while filming Superman to. Get her as said, yes, the SALKIND's basically punished her but reducing her role in Superman three though Ilias. All kind has denied this. Here's Kenner on late night with David Letterman in Nineteen eighty-six just before she started shooting on Superman for not being shy about her feelings for the Sakai's in this clip letterman as a caller on the phone to ask questions. But don't you want to know about Superman four? Doing Superman. Actually, what happened was we have new producers the last producers I, said, we're beneath contempt as human beings. We now have really wonderful new producers who want me bet. A pay ten bucks to go see this new movie. At least she was optimistic about Golan. Globus over at. Cannon The budget was set at thirty, four million dollars, which would have made it. The highest budgeted movie that cannon films had made and the lowest budgeted superman movie. The first two were over fifty million and the third was thirty, nine million. Still thirty four million dollars was likely enough to get the job done everything was ready to roll by nine, hundred six. And then it all went wrong. I it was at thirty four million dollars budget. It didn't stay at thirty, four million for very long. What happened was that Canton had spread themselves too thin in the year eighty, six green lighting way too many films. Most of them were dislike. Disruptive but they're most more enjoyable rubbish and I had planned to shoot superman for Pinewood studios and Pinewood had been the team that the technicians had worked on the films I set up shop there but very quickly because cannon had purchased L. Street studios where they'd made Indiana Jones films and Star Wars films and they decide they can shoot it there, which really pissed off the focus the folks at Pinewood Studios. And managament Uram his partner said that we can we can make Superman A. L. Street, but the things in place to do it. APPS, I saw shooting. Then the budget was quickly cut from thirty four to seventeen million. So they can no longer shoot what their plan was to shoot some of these sequences in New York Chris Walking, down. The streets go towards the UN and supposed to be a big epic. Think. which ended up doing was with John Gray's mark the production on a found a new build town. So if you can't shoot a New York but you need to use the United Nations in your movie, where are you going to go? A place playskool Milton Keynes designed to be like a an American city boulevard of the way the town is laid out. So can American city so glass buildings as well and so would be narrow as. The, save money was to shoot that to to double as New York and for digital kind of longshots way you've got because some of the buildings airy light three or four stories I that extend with Matte paintings and that was the idea. But because of the budget restraints they had to, so they couldn't achieve some of these other shots they wanted to do and what you've got is this is kind of weird. In it's it's more British centric than the other superman films because they didn't actually shoot all they shot for Superman for in miracles say New York or the background plates, and like Oliver said, the UK stood in for the US for pretty much the entire picture. A great example is a subway scene that is very clearly filmed at a London underground station and not in. New York City. Another example would be the UN's scene. and. It should be noted that Christopher Reeve was especially unhappy with this one and you know Christopher Reeve complained about that too that. You know he said if Richard Daughter had been directing senior, they walked to the UN there would have been. You. Know Lots of cars, lots of people you know huge crowds and would have been this sort of epic scene and instead it's like a hundred extras and a few cars.

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