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Rashad penny allen robinson damaris thomas it's a risky round is isn't it fantasy football in two thousand eighteen but ton of upset lot upside i wonder if who depending on who you're drafting with if it makes sense take air rogers i know we're not gonna say shawn watson but if you get to these guys and your deciding between drake collins cooper fitzgerald aaron rodgers their what you do take one of the running backs receivers if you if you have three homerun fix it's not a bad idea take rogers i'll take rogers at the end of this round i'm i'm not interested at the beginning between guys penny robinson and damari thomas allen robinson maria's thomas anyone strike you as okay we're we're about we're picks forty five six seven and eight anybody strike he was good or bad value i've never ranked this way but guys to me as high ceiling i got a feeling there's going to be a lot of buzz about geiss one good preseason game right and he'll just get shot to the moon and he'll be around three peck i think robinson's got upside and chicago i think he can volume his way does it worry i agree but does it were you that he still not back to full go let's see how he's attorney for maybe you know three or four days into training camp yeah i mean obviously be starts on the pup list and i still make everybody freak out i still think to marry is the best value that group okay sure but and that's one of the guys i think ego after late late round i just wonder what the upside is with him you know we're expecting a lot you know you talked about gypsy obviously we saw keenum play well last year but that's the first time keenum's done it he doesn't play with good quarterback quarterbacks very often it's the first time keenum's been totally totally they healthy i just wonder if the broncos are looking at it as now they have other players during the payton era it was two guys you know it was thomas welcome the thomas sanders and thomas getting older they drafted to younger cevers they apparently love portland sutton we talked a little bit yesterday about jake but what his role could be they never had the edge with psalms but you know at least this the post peyton face they haven't had a competent tight end we're book but jake bugg could be that guy i just think that thomas is ceiling could be a little bit cap the hope not but it could be and.

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