Washington, Dayton, President Trump discussed on Mark Levin


San Francisco Oakland San Jose if you lose opioid crisis trade talks again Kate's Johnson and Johnson has been ordered to pay five hundred seventy two million dollars for its role in Oklahoma's opioid epidemic Oklahoma district judge then both men call the opioid crisis an imminent danger to restate ruling that what he called misleading in marketing promotion of opioids by the companies were partly to blame Oklahoma Attorney General Mike hunter after the ruling I know personally that have met with unspoken the families of those whose loved ones have been erased by an opioid overdose words will never be enough to take the pain away on hunter said he hopes the ruling provide some solace to the thousands of families who tragically lost a loved one due to an opioid overdose the landmark decision expected to have national implications as other states look to hold pharmaceutical companies responsible for the opioid crisis I'm quite novel president trump may be more open to more trade talks of China after the G. seven summit during a thirty minute press conference trump said he's more hopeful for a deal after China's vice premier called for calm attitude in negotiations it's a shift in tone after weekend that saw China and the U. S. threatening increase tariffs on one another's imported goods are you now ready to make a deal only if it's a fair deal on a good deal for the United States otherwise I will not make a deal in Washington I'm pretty wild the F. B. I. received thousands of tips in the public in the days after massacres in el Paso in Dayton correspondent Jessica Schneider reports some suspects are in custody as a result a typical week of tapes to the F. B. I.'s National Front operations center it numbers about twenty two thousand but in the week after those two mass shootings the N. T. O. C. received thirty eight thousand tips that's about a seventy two percent increase big gains today on Wall Street the Dow Jones industrial average rose by triple digits closing up two hundred seventy points the S. and P. five hundred up thirty one the nasdaq gained one hundred two points.

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