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End I'm Y. goals be it's three o'clock on newsradio seven forty KTRE with traffic and weather together here's Katie London things are slow downtown on the fifty nine north at I. ten we got a four car wreck that's walking you're left in center lane we also had one that that cleared now I take eighty three way westbound it complied and got a solid blocking the right shoulder on the north beltway eastbound because of minor hang up at two forty nine I get eleven in the Gulf because windows dot com twenty four hour traffic center well warmer numbers coming into the forecast your top of the work week where he's in on up into the mid and upper eighties through Wednesday thunderstorms show up late week for Thursday Friday and this weekend eighty four this afternoon sixty eight tonight tomorrow mostly cloudy high of eighty five I'm meteorologist Scott Lori Moore at the weather channel it's seventy eight degrees on the island it's eighty four degrees at the KTR H. top tax defenders twenty four hour weather center it's three oh one our top story a man has been arrested after leading police on a nearly one hour long chase through Houston the chase started just after one o'clock at six ten main street officers say it started when the driver refused to comply during a traffic stop authorities have not released a reason why he ran the chase ended just before two o'clock on read road just off state highway two eighty eight we'll cover county is reporting its seventeenth death related to covert nineteen a woman in her eighties died at a local hospital she was a resident of park manner of Conroe a long term care facility public health officials say the number of active covert nineteen cases increased to four hundred and fifty two including fifty four hospitalizations more than two hundred and fifty people in recovery county have already recovered from the virus Kroger is opening five forty covert nineteen testing sites across greater.

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