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Then. The last part is I'm still I don't know what to do about this. Okay. So Air Pods are two hundred and fifty dollars, right? So you still okay. No, that's just yeah. They're that but they're free ninety nine if you're low. I. Ordered them through my wireless carrier I'm not even going to say who my wireless carriers some so nervous. Out, that's Canadian. Now People Anyway Sprint Naga say, so it's sprinting for definitely not sprint. For. Isan. Ordered on the website. And they've charged to my bill they sent me I paid to fifty plus tax whatever got the airport pros. By the way if anyone out there is wondering like sharing spend, they are worth you can get the normal ones are like two hundred or one something. Spend the extra noise canceling. It's great feature heirs. Here's the other ones don't fit my ear holes. Have, normal gone. So. Yeah. They sent me to. Paid one stuff. I don't know how it Ha- and I got to separate boxes I box, commit second box, and they only charge my bill one I called my Phone carrier and said, I just wanted to make sure was I. was I charged for the air puzzles that yet I said just one airport, right? They sit one set of air posits that okay. I don't know how it happened. What do I do I, turn it in would you turn it in? You know what it is. It's little clipboard. Colton coming in. Your past. Trying to make things right. You're trying to make things right back in your day in Karma, is just good Karma Karma doesn't have a time line yes and it's coming back to you now. Should I return the airports? No, you've put in your. Is. My ass kicked. Yeah. Here's yes and now you get your air pods. Sell that second one, Solan them. So I'll do a swipe up on my stories. Bidding starts to fifty. Three things you would you have done the same curious and if anyone is out there, would you have stolen the pillows taken the Chew Stop? Factor. Okay. freaking. Judgmental Judy over here. You would have went back to target and say, can you charge me for these pillows please I would have. And that don't make bad people. It's just that I am. A crazy person for Karma I. Think this is your Karma in a good way. Maybe yeah. I felt very out of character doing it but now I'm living a life of crime. So it's the new me right and you're sleeping at night. So like a baby. For can free pillows. Sorry not sorry. Sorry. That was my long winded confess shown. Handle that I'm standing sitting here while Britney, spears is on the background of the wondering what the Hell is going. My God I. Literally was like I was like looking past you just being like totally. And Britney Spears is just on the screen behind you. She's ready and she wants. Brittany that's how we're ending this podcast..

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