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In New South Wales state she said she and some of her animals escape from a wild fire by a river boat the area we wish sheltering was on fire then we could save the property thirty from the front and we already knew what was around the back and the sides and if we didn't have that revolves I'm not even sure we've been yeah Australian officials say the wild fires have killed hundreds of millions of birds and other animals you're listening to NPR news from Washington Porter Rico remains under a state of emergency following a series of earthquakes over the past several days one person has been killed and several others have been injured buildings have collapsed and most of the island still does not have power back because of the power outages governor one of Moscow's warns that at least three hundred thousand Porter Rican customers do not have drinking water preliminary data show that U. S. greenhouse gas emissions fell in twenty nineteen thanks to a drop in the power sector Wyoming public radio is Cooper McCann reports emissions are down two point one percent several major coal producers filed for bankruptcy last year including two in Wyoming the largest coal producing states analysts Trevor Hauser says the drop in coal consumption was the biggest factor in reducing emissions by levels increased in other areas and it buildings transportation and industry we've yet to see the development low carbon technologies at sufficient scale to lead to large scale reduction in emissions Hauser co authored the report for rhodium group an independent research provider he says at this rate the US is not on pace to meet the goals set forth in several international climate agreements for NPR news I'm Cooper macam the National Weather Service has growing confidence a large winter storm will hit the east coast by Friday the services that may include tornadoes and hail from Texas through other parts of the south and flooding in the Ohio and Tennessee valleys some states that are farther north we'll get wintry precipitation I'm korva Coleman NPR news support for NPR comes from NPR stations.

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