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And four children chris chandler wsb the gbi investigates an officerinvolved shooting new year's day and ross spill near the tennessee line walker county sheriff's deputies were spotted reports a woman was threatening to harm herself and her kid they encountered an armed man at the home deputy say sixty five year old mark steven parking and refused to drop his weapon he was fatally wounded no officers hurt a new year's shooting wounds two officers and a civilian in dire county tennessee shooting happened around three in the morning at douglas cafe and newburn two officers with the new burned police department were responding to a report of a disturbance around closing time of the club the officers and another person were shot reporter ryan burrow says all three or hospitalized in memphis one suspect is in custody and two others are sought a sixteen year old shoots his family new year's eve and long branch new jersey deceased individuals are his to parents his sister and a family friend who lived at the residence than mom if county prosecutor says there have been no reports of trouble of that house before the teen we'll be charged as an adult south korea proposes talks with north korea next week despite kim jonghoon said nuclear threats reporter jew he chose says leaders in seoul see an opening for diplomacy in mood here in seoul is full of optimism hoping this will open doors to dialogue and peace but the opposition party warning that this is a strategic move by north korea to drive a wedge between south korea and its ally the us kim warned his nuclear button is at the ready wsb news time eight twenty six four five weeks away from the winter olympics now twenty seven minutes after eight let's get back to the morning drive now today's forecast up beckham's channel 2 action news meteorologist brad nitz cold of course this morning mostly sunny and a high of thirty five today right now fifteen on peachtree street what's happening on the morning drive here's mark mckay judy bible rewarded god with white the bright todd that coming out of the western suburbs note not john relating delays on the outer loop can carry scorpion by your wanted to travel to a.

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