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And the new relays that that was a big deal did you think i'll show is going to be a very good shelf like we're at that wide read said read the pilots kryptonite out it was brilliant in srg cohen's name and as a huge weeds fan ira loved goods izzo at the end of reliever djinjic o'hare your name at the at the end of weeds i knew her name very well from being accused weeds bandra and that's gripped for the pilot script warned his new black if you can read it it chumps off the page and like porn stash light visiting dough trend it was just there was so much life in in in the script in the characters were so vivid in in sofia has to the teen tiny part in the in the pilot i'd like you know play with piper teheran in the lunch lie you know the cafeteria and then submit addition i got to do the bathroom seen from with also with piper from episode three which i didn't which i would find out later would be sophie as battery episode so when i book the show i was just happy that i was recurring on something and that i had a job and to the extent that you were you didn't even leave the lucky chang old girl who was trying to understand the in 2011 i did seven independent film these independent films and pay when i started my own show mbh wira and never left the restaurant and that the best thing i've ever could have done for myself because the times got hard and i didn't have you know there were no acting jobs there was no tv anything and though i had my day job which was a nice job and so i would.

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