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A week's go around will give it a will say one positive thing about this game and then give it a numerical decimal rating. I'll begin. You mentioned the ambulance levels again plan. I watched it on video but man. The lighting effects are very snazzy in an ambulance levels you're driving the road in the fucking lightest shifting over your and that's like an additional environmental hazard as you're trying to perform the surgery yeah. I thought that was dazzling but that look great. This game is you know. There's another game octo dad which is a similar sort of the. The controls are intentionally difficult. We talked a little bit of category. How that game is. The controls are difficult in that game. But not at anywhere on this level like that. There are a little clunky on that by design but this is more in the the OCTA dad category where it's just like it's intentionally very very hard to get with Matt screen up. We've got a dad who's an octopus basically And maybe wants you to retrieve his slippers from the porch or his sandwich from the kitchen. And but that's another game where it's just like very very hard to control and I get it I understand with the scheme is trying to accomplish. Something they WANNA play like. I'm not going to return to this and so for that reason. I think it's creative but I'm GONNA put the I'm GonNa give this a middling five point five. I heather go ahead The thing I liked the most and I would love Matt to pull. This up was the music. We haven't touched them. I I really liked that that that core song that plays that incorporates a beating heart into it or allow an EKG meter. I I love that music. I don't mind it at all. let's see if we can hear a little piece of it. It's so that the beat has dropped. That's pretty that's pretty fucking.

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