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Year especially the ones lately at cape cod down here massachusetts let me tell you something when bird start falling out of the sky and fish start dying in fact the porpoises that used to beat some cells last year they were so chemically hazardous that they buried them right there i had no idea they wouldn't even leave him on the beach couldn't even put them back in the water i was saying you know my fear of dead animals is weird because i studied mortuary science for awhile for some reason dead humans don't bother me dead animals scare the hell out of me for some reason well anyway clyde i gotta get to bed but i think you very much for taking the call but i do want to say whatever they're spraying out there up there is bothering the people down here as well as the animals the people are acting just as crazy and i have to say something else i never seen so many people coughing and is running as i had seen this ear allergy season right more it wasn't allergy season i'll winter and it snowed all winter here every other day it stowed and these guys were spraying as soon as the sun came out and after they spray two days later we had a big storm and a lot of wind we had a lot of wind here and this is very unusual for new england to have this type of windy everyday i mention the polar vortex that lasted longer than it shed right exactly insane appreciate the call thank you so much for your insight clyde thank you byebye triple eight six seven three thirty seven hundred that's triple eight six seventy three thirty seven hundred b colony collapse rats fleas ticks mosquitos all vectors for bioterrorism and we've been aware of nerve gas we've been aware of all these other weapons of mass destruction but what would it take for some covert activities take place for animals start acting up mosquito start their terror long before they're supposed to and a lot of strange things take place what would you think triple eight six seven three thirty seven hundred that's triple eight six seven three thirty seven hundred i'm quite lewis you're listening to ground zero and we'll be back.

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