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The men's side david ferrere regard to be trav novak djokovic shane gayle on feels the women side slovan accused at sober was the highest seeded woman advancing to the third round which exports to 40 past the hour the home of the huskies traffic and weather ottaway united airlines apologizing again for giving away a two year olds ticket forcing the toddler odd the moms lap also today we find out that amazon is going to be adding wind to the list of businesses they want a corner tech giant partnering with a king estate winery in udine oregon to develop its own wine label called next the winds will be part of king vintners any division of the winery offering a penal gree her read blended pete anwar the bottle sorta twenty dollars or by all three for ninety king estate says the next level is the first wind develop from conception to release with amazon wine focus on the white house president trump is in warsaw his visit includes a meeting with the leaders of poland in croatia and a speech in kozinski square near the center of the 1940s four uprising against the nazis white house is calling major speech on us relations not just the polling with all of europe people here especially in this country waiting to see whether president trump mentions ladimir who name pacific link russian aggression right here in this region abc news senior white house correspondent cecilia vega after poland mr trump goes to hamburg germany and the g twenty summit i daughter and presidential advisor ivanka trump continue pushing paid family leave it's one of her signature initiatives within the administration he'd family leave and vonk at trump defending that platform after a wall street journal opinion piece opposed the government's role in administering such a programme saying it amounts to an entitlement ms trump argued though that a guaranteed family leave program was a smart investment in america is working family adc serena marshall richard cantu abc news also popular cliff bars are being volunteer sara lee recalled for possibly containing nuts that arm of the label giant food says it affects some cliff builders protein chocolate midende kids zbar protein chocolate chip admit bars the company says if you don't suffer from certain pena or tree nut allergies the.

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