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What not so much in the beginning not so much in the kobe dayton brady mcdonald's commercial. I'm going to do when he would. That's that's fair. I think there was relatable moments to kobe bryant just based upon how much he was compared to the greatest that ever played the game in my store so with that being said with that being said i do think that when you're talking about rothlisburger rothlisberger using himself and away where he's trying to to rope a dope and be a little bit south paul how he's coming in with his angles. I really believe it's almost culturally driven right if i look at it from this aspect i'm okay with ben and i'm with bin but on this side of it. I think it's one hundred percent calculated. Calculate it with a b._s._a. And the reason being is because there are a lot of people that a._b. Is around super popular rappers super-popular up and coming players. Here's super-popular current players and they are all in a._b._c.'s corner. They're all in his camp. They're all in his community and not might be one of the things that john group was talking abou now. Stop listening to all of these dudes and your air. His community embraces him so for whatever it's worth. He's okay with playing a villain role not because it's n._f._l. Thing it's a cultural thing that abe is leaning on. I understand your point that there is some support out there for a._b. Of course course he's. He's a talented guy. We worship talented guy super talented and he's got a nice little social media following people like the draft off of that but i don't think he's as calculating. You're not deleting tweets hours later. Exile related really clean. I might have been a misstep. Sam sat here because all a._b. Has to do is what marcellus has been selling all summer. That's your resume. Speak that your work speak. That's that's his only real defense against big bend but that's what we do. We have to fight back is been on the history league. Everybody has always sided with the quarterback. The quarterback can do no wrong. It's always the other guys fought aww especially when it comes to the receivers all in it and so bain was in a different position and be played a right. Yes boy to play his when you grow up how he grew up. You don't grow up the way you grow up in. Turn the shoulder and handled things with grace and we bite back. That's just the reality. I here's nothing wrong. That's just that's what it is. We're professionals. Were more mature evolved. You've got to play a game in the rules that you're playing in so you need to adapt. I would say but i want to say this since you leave doesn't mean you lost a divorce this a. b. is gone doesn't mean he lost a divorce. He's down underscore car right now. I will have to say that but this is the face off moment. My boy max kellerman used to host before to fight when they both wolf it and no punches thrown them but sometimes you leave the faceoff lyle. He got his neighbor. Ooh what happened. You were talking big at the table. Talk big at this table and i give you the story that we used to always share one of the home. He's got divorced and we it was like damn look happy. Why why are you not mad at. You got divorced look when i was with my woman my wife. She was spending all my money now else. You divorced me half and we were like why next sitting in the house comfortable google eh a._b..

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