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I'm Wally Hindes security is tight around number ten Downing Street were President Trump is meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa may today as Prime Minister Theresa may, meet Donald Trump in Downing Street lead is Britain's political opposition will be joining protesters just up the street labor party leader Jeremy Corbyn. We'll be among thousands of demonstrators expressing noisy opposition to Trump's visit out of there is points across London, Emily Thornberry, Labor's, foreign affairs. Spokeswoman says Trump is a sexual predator, and a racist and does not deserve the honor of a state, visit Trump has died with the Queen at Buckingham Palace and taken with Prince Charles on this pump filled trip to Britain, so far, Charles de LA desma London. The House Judiciary committee is launching of partisan antitrust investigation into several high tech comedies Google, Amazon Facebook, and apple thought to be prime targets, the probe will examine if tech companies are using anticompetitive. Practices among other concerns. It's the first time congress has launched such a wide ranging prob-, most of the world is marking the thirtieth anniversary of the square, pro-democracy protests and the murders of thousands of protesters, everywhere that is, except in China, where Anne mentioned is strictly prohibited. Bob food, the founder of China aid was a student leader back in one thousand nine hundred nine and he was asked about China admitting that around ten thousand protesters were killed. I think it should be more than that. It was very brutal. You're talking about, you know, you know multiple fouls Chinese overseas reporting, they're being blocked today from posting on a popular Chinese social network sites. A judge in California's taken the unusual step of removing the lead prosecutor from the case of a navy seal accused of warcrimes in Iraq that after defense, lawyers accused the prosecution of spying on their emails in order to find.

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