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All free Live from Toronto Canada, the conspiracy show with. Richard Serra Welcome to the audio imaginarium come, on in weary traveler hang your cloak on. A peg rabbi stool and come gather around the fire, there are stories to be told in you're among friends Michael. Challenger author of slave species of the gods scientists explore he has become a real life Indiana Jones making groundbreaking discoveries. About advanced vanished civilizations at the southern tip of Africa he we. Are expecting him to join us live from, South Africa he is to be here in our one and. We'll be here to talk primarily about the Abboud movement the contribution ISM the blueprint. For human prosperity coming up. In our to paranormal investigator David Spinks will be here David is a, featured speaker at the hill con, twenty. Eighteen paranormal conference which will be Happening down in Newcastle Pennsylvania September the twenty second. And David recently this is interesting he recently purchased a very haunted location it's called. A willows weep in it's. A small town I think danville Indiana and I was on YouTube not, too long ago A. Number of investigations, have, happened at willows weep and in one of them You, see the investigators and. I don't know whether David was involved in this investigation but there's a wheelchair they will this wheelchair into the the video frame and they leave it. There and the the camera is focused on it for. A number of moments and. Then the wheelchair starts, to move on its own this happened in willows weep and as, I say David purchased this property so that he could further his paranormal research I guess very similar. To, Robert Bigelow purchasing skin walkers ranch in order. To further. His paranormal research anyway David will be here in the second hour. All right, let me, introduce the. Boys in the band on the flying v Gibson. Guitar technical producer Ian Robertson In again let me, remind people that his album his brand new album is now out by the grease marks its self. Titled, album in working people purchase that crease marks. Dot.

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