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Order pay pick up in store or the drive through America runs on Dunkin participation in very little time offer exclusions apply B. S. news time twelve eighteen first for traffic let's get a look with George and let's start with a look at the ride on the interstate eighty where heading eastbound out of San Francisco there are zero delays along the sky way which is the elevated portion of interstate eighty eighty actually begins here in San Francisco right at the north end of hospital curve where the central freeway splits off and heads across country so I had no delays getting to the East Bay the bay bridge ride looks good and were problem free issue span the bay this report brought to you by DuckDuckGo privacy getting off the bridge and continuing eastbound on interstate eighty it's a smooth ride out through Berkeley Albany Richmond and continuing up across the Carquinez strait highway for no delays as you head through Franklin canyon six eighty looks good heading north bound up to two forty two in Concord there are some delays on railroad Avenue north bound but that's just city congestion trying to connect up with highway for the California delta highway are you tired of being tracked online DuckDuckGo can help they help millions of people like you take control of their personal information online with one download you can search and browse privately avoiding tractors all for free DuckDuckGo privacy simplified your next update at twelve twenty eight on the traffic leader KCBS now let's get our sixty outlook for meri Lee in the KPIX five weather center well today the hottest day of the week I'm watching our temperatures climb this afternoon a heat advisory in effect for all of our inland.

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