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So with the year coming to a close and considering billboard announced its two thousand eighteen year in charts. Recently, we thought it would be fitting to go over some of the notable highlights on our year end charts. So without further ado, the big daddy of all the charts. The big cahuna the the the the chart the champagne Papi of charts. That would not to give things away just gave it away. Our top artists list is sort of the the biggest list of them all and on. Our top artists. Lists Drake is number one. It's probably no surprise to anyone that's paid attention to pop music or music, and general doesn't eighteen. Yes. But Drake rules as Billboard's top artists of the year and scores the year's top billboard hot one hundred saw with God's plan. It's the first time he's been tops on either year end tally. And he's just the third rap act to be the year's top artist. Following fifty cent and Nellie believe it or not like he had three number one hits this year on the how it of dread. Yeah. You may have heard of that album called scorpion. That you might have heard of it. It's just you know, it was it was Drake's here and the rest of us are just sort of living in here. So here's the fine print about our year end charts. Arguing charts are based on chart performance on our charts dated, December second two thousand seventeen through November seventeenth two thousand eighteen that means the charts dated and that actually reflects like the data kind of like almost like a week and a half ish before those chart dates. So it's almost like we're like a November to November. Yeah. Range which is kind of how a lot of urine charts work the urine top artists category. Specifically were Drake is number. One ranks the best performing acts of the year based on active duty on the billboard two hundred chart billboard two hundred chart the billboard two hundred albums chart and the billboard hot one hundred songs chart as well. As streaming social media and billboard box score data. I think we just got a phone call now data registered before or after a titles chart run is not considered in these standings. So you know, if an album came out shortly before the chargers. Began then well that activity doesn't count on our charts because it wasn't on the chart during the charter now that methodology detail and that sort of November November to November kind of period accounts for some.

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