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Ninety-one then he would go back there for ninety six ninety eight ninety nine and then, of course, the final great American bash in two thousand why it was Baltimore such a great city for you guys. Well, I think you know in. First and foremost, the northeast has always been a hotbed for sports entertainment, professional wrestling, whatever you wanna call it. Not only because of the WWW Fs longtime presence in the northeast. But obviously as you pointed out the NWEA it was a stronghold for the NWEA for a long, long time. I think part of that, you know, I wasn't there in the beginning, obviously, I didn't get to WCW until nineteen Ninety-one Ninety-two whenever it was. But prior to my arrival. I think a lot of the management from the previous NWEA who came over to WCW had longstanding relationships with, you know, the arena management in, in the market, whether it's, you know, the arena, or radio stations or newspapers or whatever it may be. It just made promoting their much easier. And there was you know, kind of an indigenous stronghold of, of us sling fans in that market. But before we go on Conrad, I want to say when you let me know that we were going to be covering, great American bash nineteen ninety nine my first reaction was really. We have to do something from nineteen ninety nine because every time we do. I just wanna throw up in my mouth. It's, it's, it's not it's I it's not my favorite period in terms of my relationship with WCW, but after going back and reviewing the show, I've got to say, I am jacked to dig into this, and I can't wait to hear what some of the criticisms from the various, you know, provocateurs of wrestling commentary had to say about this because I, I feel very strongly about, I think it's going to be a fun show to go through, well, no, no criticism for Baltimore from me. Tony, an Argonaut Tony shivani, that is are gonna make our way to Baltimore this coming weekend. Works are going to be in Saint Louis this Saturday at off-broadway can get your tickets now for like thirty something bucks, and here all kinds of stories that we can't tell on the podcast. And this'll be Tony's first trip to Saint Louis because of his crazy baseball and football and. Basketball schedule, who knows when he'll be able to get back to Saint Louis..

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