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Director and now secretary of state meet twice with the north korean just in the past three months upon mike pompeo's been over there twice so i don't think there's a lot of a lot of doubt about what what the united states was requiring what is one of the really interesting subplots here is to what extent was china involved in all of this it's possible china may have scuttled this over frustration with the trump administration over trade over you know tariffs and other related issues china has tremendous economic leverage over north korea ninety percent of of north korea's energy comes from comes from china they have just huge reliance on their economy and so this is something the president reference just last couple of days that he believes the perhaps china has influenced north korea and in terms of changing the direction they were going that's what's so puzzling here's this thing was was on a positive trajectory for several weeks and then it changed now i to me blaming john bolton mentioning libya is is is not a real reason that's pretty silly i think i don't think that that is that significant so we'll see can they put this all back together again can they will they go back to other aggressive steps will they go back to aggressive rhetoric these are all open questions now and their concerns not just the united states not just for north korea and its regional neighbours japan south korea china but there there's there's concern around the world particularly in the western united states in the pacific matt matt makoviac gop consultants his podcast is called mac on politics more than a dozen people have been wounded after two unidentified men walked into an indian restaurants on the outskirts of toronto and set off a bomb it happened last night in the city of mississauga about twenty miles west of toronto the blast went off in the bombay bell restaurant at about ten thirty local time deputy chief of paramedics brian gibson be transporting fifteen patients from the scene to local area hospitals three of those patients went down to trauma from trauma center.

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