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Competitive Meditation Doing something like you do. You might have this fear and anxiety, but you learn how to use it to your advantage to push a little harder or to amp you up I played a lot of team sports and you could use that herd mentality and that that like low of anxiety running through everybody to perform better like you say, and we do the same thing but very differently because the heart rate has to stay low so you have to Suppress that and hyper focus on only what you're doing. It's pretty interesting. I like a little fear though yeah. Alive Yeah I love that like a little electricity, it is like a little electric city. You get out there and you. I can't believe what I just did. That's all over and then you go on like. Can't believe what I just did. Talk. A little bit. Next time it's not as bad. Yeah, and we just keep on pushing Tavlin out in the hurricane slow. Save something for dive guys. Well, let's do the injustice of the League..

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