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We'll talk more about the the farm tours and some of the high points that a little known uses for Nonni both externally and internally as we talk about Hawaiian herbal medicine. Herbal medicine for a healthier new year. State filings my guest, and we will be back with more information for your good health right after this. Let's say to now for this week's health report with dick. Geyer? Doctor burnout is becoming a huge problem. According to new research in the annual Medicaid report, it finds nearly half of all physicians field completely depleted to the point where one in seven have contemplated suicide forty four percent of the medical professionals have considered leaving the field altogether. Most are women, according to this survey and most doctors say it is the level of paperwork and data input. They've had to do sense. Medical records went digital doing less sitting and more moving is tied to living longer. According to a new study in the American journal of epidemiology, replacing thirty minutes per day of sedentary time with thirty minutes of physical activity at a light intensity was associated with us. Seventeen percent lower risk of early death. Thirty minutes of vigorous exercise is even better almost a thirty five percent lower risk of death. Six hours. That's the minimum amount of sleep per night. You need to help your heart. Stay healthy new research says the study found that chronic lack of sleep and poor sleep quality, raise the odds of fatty plaque accumulation in the arteries, a condition known as atherosclerosis that increases the odds of heart attack stroke..

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