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High intensity interval training, inspired by a true, boxers workout. It's so much fun. And you'll keep hurting calories. Even after classes over grab a friend and give it your best shot scheduled class. They at title, boxing, club, Westridge and battleground in Greensboro. Make your next Cup of coffee as fresh as it gets. When you come into circle k every Cup is now freshly ground for you from quality whole beans. Oh, yes. We did. Choose from a variety of blends make it hot or iced and dress. It up any way you like all starting at just ninety nine cents. The news circle K coffee from being brewed in your hands in under a minute. Come and grab a simply great coffee today. Circle. K take it easy. Every Saturday night. The party is at limelight downtown, Greensboro, seventy five ks the L and club one zero seven live on the radio all night. Detriot hottest dance with the hottest reach specials. VIP bottle service, sandy exclusive upscale nightclub atmosphere. Add limelight. Triple this many weeknights on or seven five ks yell. Find out how to get on the guest list for limelight. Limelight the triads hot spot in the middle of downtown at one thirteen. Southbound the holidays are over national pollen has a couple of ideas to help. What do you mean? Bobby families have bills to pay mom national Ponkin loan you money to help pay off those big credit card bills. National palm will also pay you top dollar for those gifts. You don't want like that tie. You bought me? That's another good idea. I'm full of good ideas. Mom. Instant cash loans and top dollar for unwanted gifts national pond trust values. Satisfaction guaranteed. Did you do like I did? And you ate and ate and ate some more over the holidays. Of course you day. That's what we do thanksgiving Christmas within the new year starts I go now. The stubborn unwanted fat. My clothes aren't fitting like they used to. Well, no problem. I have a solution. Perfect for you, you need to check out the world's leading non invasive, fat removal treatment. It's called coal sculpting had a cool sculpting procedure done. It's about three months ago with restoration med spa in the results are amazing cool sculpting is an FDA cleared medical procedure that freezes away unwanted fat for good. And I've seen it firsthand. My fat that I used to have on. My lower abdomen has been frozen away for good, thanks to restoration med.

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