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That's so that's so interesting. How far back the we going. Oh let's go all the way back. Like i wanna go. I go high school and that's a long list. It's is we only have one day now. I'd go to go to college. I'd start start with college. There's too many people right. I think yeah. I i'm going. I'm going all the way back. I'm going by do you. do you still again. None of my business but do you still have any kind of restrictive eating practices now. Oh yeah major. Major major major. So what are you eating last ever. I think it would be similar bagels. Ate pancakes out big. I love a hall of french toast. We're going. I love going to the deli together. Sex we are. we really are no i. I don't eat gluten or dairy or soy or corn. There's i have so many things because like my. My gut is so fricking sensitive. And of course those things are confusing. What work where that becomes. Also you control control and sort of eating from one hundred percent. The thing is i'll let myself you know like all smoke a joint and then i'll be like let's party but then my stomach hurts so much and then i'm like that sucks. Is it worth it. You know This is sort of my struggle. Generally speaking you like sort of seeking to find a way out of the psychological aspect of that that kind of journey if you will kind of body. Yeah i would love. I would love a way out. And i think when the patterns are so old as you know it's like a it's a difficult thing to shift gears on especially because there's so much like around stuff that that is confirmed by like doctors in terms of like you have sneak sensitivities to these things like they will make you feel crummy totally and i never want to de-legitimize though because i certainly have a lot of sensitivity myself for allergies down straight out of but i also know that some of these things are so again like fully ought not just our industry fill our woodley's leisure media has very much so democratized but i also feel as though restrictions are again hyphen normalized. In a way that i think is fantastic. Because we've really given people with allergies fucking out tell you. I've been one of those people who everyone just sort of rolling arise. When i tell them. I have an allergy to. And they think i'm doing it. It's trendy if anyone's ever had fun relating what was essentially just like sort of butted back in the nineties. You can't even have lots you know. I have been. I had the first twelve years of my life to just pass out. And not know why whilst enjoying god predominantly i was eating a like an entire day. Yeah large as well. Poppy seed of it and then just painting constantly explains a bit more about estimates anyway And and with your mental health journey. Do you feel as though the film helped you process any of the that you had been struggling with is also time capsule of any. Have you found any recovery in the last year and a half or is it more. The everything's just stop and kind of still sifting through. No i have found some recovery for sure and i think. The film was a really important way for me to process a lot of the things that i was that came into sharper focus. I think in all over the last year and a half and there was like a scene in the film with my younger self and is played by. Kelly speen amazing. She's so great. Yes so fucking great in the where you know like she talks like remember when this all started like when life didn't feel worth living and i think it is like that thing for anyone who's had suicidal allegations or has attempted suicide or any of those things are sort of just has a airs towards despondency. I think those conversations with one's younger self are really important. When did those feelings really start to kick up. And how do we talk to that person because when you're young they can feel even more overwhelming but then that young person who so overwhelmed is still traveling with us every day on these journeys so it was. It was incredibly cathartic. I mean it's obviously a life long journey but But yeah i do feel that. I'm i wanna pass is. Is there a particular thing that you want your younger self to know like having done all this investigation. Is there like a thing. You most want to grab skinhead. So he listed jones avenue and antenna. Gosh you know. Like i g- asks that don't have to be perfect to be worthy of love which is sort of a cliche but i think that's kind of what it all boils down to. It's like well i. I don't think she would have been able to know that. That twenty years from then she would be able to the middle of a pandemic wrangle. All of these beloved people not just beloved personally had beloved by everyone who would come out in the middle of a global pandemic and take a risk. Even though it's a small risk to just be in a thing that you made. I mean you you wrote this film and co directed it star in it and and you have all of these people in your life and everyone. I know you're so beloved. Anyone that i may not so not so nice. It's so nice to hear your kind of journey. Because i think a lot of us have gone through times. Well maybe someone right now is still going through that time. I messages like this all the time in my dm's Especially when i bring on like a therapist onto the show someone saying that you know what i am. He's not just teenage the people in their twenties saying that you know i've lost all friends and my ever going to have friends again or i've never really had great friendships. Do you think that's going to be some. If me there's people who just so at the edge of like a level of loneliness or they can cope moon and i i just wanna reach through my phone and grabbed them and tell them. I felt that way so many times in my life and the right people come along. I think when you have the right attitude towards yourself blaming anyone for their circumstance do you think that's all said i could bake undertone of your film is the most rate however many relationships trying to fix this film. It's the one with yourself that just like it just keeps coming back. Yeah and i think that. That's a really important allegory. I guess for everyone. And and it's nice to hear of someone feeding so other is in their family and in their community and In school growing up to being able to to have this sort of happy surround. Even if even if you're not perfectly happy all the time. Do you know what i mean even if these markers on texts me back yeah i know within five minutes. Thank you for saying that it's Yeah i think it is. It's so easy to feel along an alienated in in those feelings and it is so helpful. And i'm so grateful again you for using your plan to talk about all of these issues because It's so helpful. You know to just know that like so many people most people are struggling with. I know it's not alone in their loan. Yeah it's this oddly. Like completely formative and bonding thing that we can relate to yeah totally supreme levels of especially in the last year and a half i think so many people reckon with that you are not alone and we.

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