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Back your phone calls news update, and Jim Nance still to come to. Hello guys semi fighter kale. Senate. Check out my podcast. You're welcome with jail. Son every Wednesday and Friday right here at podcast one. We cover the latest in mixed martial arts and everything else. Going on in the world of sport. Listen free to your welcome with jail, son and exclusively available at podcast one dot com and on the podcast one app. If you love the show share with a friend and leave us a rating and revealing. Right now at banana Republic factory save big with fifty to seventy percent off the entire store. Plus fifty percent off clearing stock up on dresses starting in nineteen ninety nine find your nearest store. Shop online only banana Republic factory. I'm Rita Foley with AP news minute when attorney general William bar steps before the microphones this morning. He will talk about the Miller report, and what interactions his department has had with the White House about that. The president's tweeting about the report this morning without mentioning Bob Muller. The president has tweeted the greatest political hoax of all time. The White House is now commenting on an ABC news report that it's already been briefed on the special counsel report. A Justice department official says attorney general William bar will address department interactions with the White House during his news conference this morning thirties. In Paris warn, the part of Notre Dame cathedral structure is still at risk after that devastating fire Las Vegas man, broke his own one day. Record on jeopardy by winning over one hundred thirty one thousand dollars in a show broadcast last night. And a judge has declared Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt single though more work has to be done by their lawyers before their divorce is final. I'm Rita Foley.

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