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I would say probably not but first of all you never know and second of all it doesn't hurt to bring another quarterback you think you can develop into the building and remains to be seen how that's going to shake out with davis webb who's going to be the number two guy he's made number one guy would have been nice as we said a million times to see the game last year get a little bit better idea that but i guess they have hopes for him as well they do and and i would think you know some people looked at this is all my gosh that means a giant davis webb and i don't think that's true because if the giants hated davis webb they would have they would have probably either signed a quarterback or not signed a court drafted a quarterback but they would have signed one and said look we can't have davis webb as backup quarterback they would assigned some guy off the street you know has nfl experience and say okay now if anything happens that you live we got this guy i think what this means as davis webb will be the backup they like him he has an nfl year under his belt he didn't play but you practice he's following around li he he's a quick learner so he is a head of the curve with kyle aleta here so i think it's i think it's davis webb i think it's kylo it and i think there's guarantees that they go with three quarterbacks on the roster which tom coughlin didn't like to do but pat shurmur says is fine with him would seem so if all things work out i mean between ob jay and sterling shepherd and evan ingraham and now coming out of the backfield and a guy who can play in the slot in barclay there are a lot of weapons on that team and if that offensive line gets.

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