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The finances of a tiny home village the cities as a board member of homes now filed a complaint claiming some funds have been misappropriated comes just weeks after the ribbon cutting for unity village a tiny home village that sits on city property along McKenzie Avenue mayor of Bellingham says no city funds are used to operate the camp lot of commotion at four branches of JP Morgan chase bank in Seattle yesterday in downtown protesters set up large tripod structures demanding that the bank stop investing in fossil fuel companies the protests were peaceful by and large police did arrest eleven people at two locations when they didn't follow orders to leave a former legislative aide from body lake has his eyes on a higher price couples manufacture tells us about a new candidate in the race for Washington's eighth congressional district Jesse Jensen says he was inspired to run by a meeting he had with a double amputee at Walter Reed Medical Center now watching what's happening in our country. all. served as an army ranger deployed on for combat tours he was awarded several commendations and two bronze stars tell you no one ever asked. or something. Washington. video Jensen says it's time to put the partisan rhetoric aside he's currently in Amazon senior program manager Democrat came Schreier represents the eight the district should covers eastern portions of king and Pierce counties and crosses the cascades to include show land and can attest counties Amanda factor komo news a road project to improve safety along a stretch of road buying this quality middle school had the green light and funding years ago but it's almost Carling Johnson reports a tiny creature protected by the Endangered Species Act is blamed for holding up the improvements there's a county commissioners were discussing a proclamation last week that would declare October walk to school month commissioner Gary Edwards upset about the stone project I'm still come road said the proclamation should clarify that kids walk to school only when it's safe to do so. as tempting. safety upgrades for kids because the kids walk to school. I could go for has held up this project for years Edwards tells the Olympian everyone seems to be put in the go first ahead of the kids. where they need sidewalk. log was originally scheduled to be done in twenty seventeen and they had the funding but after pocket gophers were found within the project limits the county had to come up with a plan to mitigate for impacts to the go for habitat still going back and forth about that Carly Johnson komo news the man who gave the world one of the most popular crossbreeds says he now regrets that creation scum was Brian caller tells us he feels he cannot open Pandora's box whether or not that's true wali Khan Rooney is known officially as the father of the oodle craze. the goldendoodle. this is the down. is the Moodle. all began thirty years ago when the Australian received a letter from a blind woman who needed a guide dog but her husband was allergic to pets that letter eventually led to the first labradoodle at the time he said I'm having a lot of any rate a complete game for a. the. the ability of the average Joe on the kind of. now tells the Australian broadcasting corporation I haven't depend or a box I released a Frankenstein monster on the podcast some of all parts the revered breeder clarifies relations. the race in four days. I'm a difficult race list. to brave the stall and selling for big box that. he remembers the problems trying to get the labradoodle just tried today when he sees one on the street he finds himself has a cut hip dysplasia has got a lot of problems any other problems I can say I find that. the biggest majority. I see well have an a rated tree problem Wally Konrad says he still proud of how he helped a person who was in need thirty years ago I had a purpose for Brady had operated for a a blind lady who wanted a.

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