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He ran for 51 Devonta Freeman had 53 on the ground and a touchdown And in east Rutherford the rams blasted the Giants 38 to 11 I'm Pete Fox doctor Bloomberg world sports update Markets headlines and breaking news 24 hours a day at Bloomberg dot com the Bloomberg business at and at Bloomberg quicktake He's a Bloomberg business lash First trading day of the week and it is likely that we will be seeing some good gains for Asian equities that really of course have that positive event of the week on wall streets in the three major benchmarks there Bringing some solid gains That optimism that we're feeling at the moment here that could happen about the same two can just simply evaporate and evaporate if we get a weak reading on China's economic growth looking in third quarter GDP expected to show that the economy expanded 5% from last year Meanwhile though we got PBOC people bank of China government Yi gang single authorities can contain the risks opposed to the Chinese economy and the financial system of course from these struggles at the real estate developer the most indebted real estate developer in the world ever grand here Looking at futures we've got them on the way up in Japan and Australia as well as Hong Kong We got U.S. contracts also edging up as we saw those stocks move to the outside It's like just to make a little bit of momentum here We had the S&P 500 talking up its best week since July And one of the reasons behind that is earnings And elsewhere in the commodities complex we've got this breakneck surge in base metal prices and again this is as we saw energy shortages forcing more production cousin than piling pressure on manufacturers and all of this of course kicking off those concerns about inflation and whether inflation is likely to be temporary or certainly far more entrenched than that produces a metals right from aluminium to zinc restricting output and this is slightly down to power restrictions So indeed rising energy costs for one thing the latest victim we saw was one of the top zinc producers glencore sing production at its three European plants being cut because of surging power prices Quick look at what we have with regards to aluminium to 13 year highs there we're seeing right now for some of the other ones do Brent crude on just shy of 83 or should I say $85 $85 23 cents per bar WTO and 82.94 Okay let's find out what else is going on as we get over to Ed Baxter and world news I thank her as Australia's most popular state New.

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