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They're salmon minded. They go against the tide or whatever it is a strain so so you're not going to tell a fight or what. I'm not to do on what to what not to do. So if i were fighting i probably wouldn't do it either but you know i'm already passed that that. That era that stage. okay. I respect that opinion because you. You've you've been there you've that i would also just add that. There is no evidence that this vaccine outside of like a few hours. Twenty four hours after being injected with it has any kind of meaningful that second vaccine knocked me on how long for twenty four hours out. That's what i want for up. I was bedridden. i couldn't get up that second one knocked me on my tyson. Fury spent months gallivanting around the country. We saw him at the billy. Joe saunders fight. We saw him at shopping malls in vegas. Like you can't take some time during on this. Pandemic was at its peak. They're talking about vaccines taking over a year to make this axiom was made here. I go getting political. You got made in six months. How all of a sudden out of thin air they made a vaccine me just getting into this mean either. So let's get into it. Be clear this vaccine was not just made in six months. Vaccines like this. Were in the works. The levers were tweaked a little bit. The knobs retrieved a little bit and come up with evacuate the fighter that stubborn you know former wants a fighter always a fighter. Still stubborn if our still fighting days i our question i think because i don't know what's being put into my body. I didn't even like taking anything else. Nobody's telling you to be part of the trial for it. They're saying like after clinical studies have been done and after by the way more than three billion people have been vaccinated was only anecdotal evidence. Any kind of side effects. I would and plus it's surgery it's in a fighters best interest. This is not like the nba. Where if a guy catches kobe. He's still gets paid. Those paychecks still coming. There is a cost per future cost problem for fighters..

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