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I think it'll still be is still going to make like if automatic and make money like this is going to make great money our standards are so low I will go to anything to be out of our houses. And did not watching the news. We'll do anything and said this is a maybe this comes after adventures in game. But does it come after it in the timeline? But like he's alive, and it looks like he dies of injuries. So a why is it because spoiler he's like, Mr Tony. I don't feel so good. That's such a great scene. That's how it's a top one. It's tell isn't it. Every time I watch. And I'm like Tony spinner min stay go question in this trailer. What gave you like there's some crazy stuff happening? There's rocks. There's green gas. There's kids from queens affording a trip to pears was the biggest suspension of disbelief for you. There's a correct answer. I don't know. What is it? Mine is that some directors could look at Jon Favreau, Marisa Tomei, you like. Like, they could totally be into each other. It was like is this on the comic book, the scabby? Right. Click on Jon Favreau, jump Favreau. What do you have on people in movies? You're with Sofia Vergara, you're with Scarlett Johansson, your Orissa toe may that's Krimmer. What I said earlier in the episode about your success in your career. Makes you hotter. The has to be true for John Fabri. He he's like a Chia pet. He looks like a human. She of head and women are just like, yes. Please gross. No, let's do next segment. How do we feel? This is in reference to SNL came back for some reason it felt like they were offered eighteen months. So I was really son when they came back, but it came back with Rachel Brosnahan as the host, Greta van fleet as a musical guest overall. How did you feel about the episode? Well, I thought listen I like I thought it was a good episode. I thought there are a lot of good segments. Rachel Brosnahan felt like she was there to be professional and do whatever was necessary and she didn't break, and she was funny and she delivered. What was written for her? And sometimes it was really good. And then of course, sometimes it wasn't. I really liked the cold open. Although sometimes make me sad to think that this is actually the real world that we're Matt that were mocking. But something about Kate. Mckinnon is Nancy Pelosi. Brought me a lot of joy lake. You know, what's funny? That's the first impression. I thought. Yeah..

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