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The name Theresa Patricia Okumu sound familiar to you. Because it's not really Mary. She is the woman who climbed the statue of liberty to on the fourth of July to protest the separation of families at the Mexican border. There you go. She was found on Monday yesterday by judge Gabriel Gorenstein found her guilty of trespassing disorderly conduct and interfering with government functions. She had a one day bench trial. She was crying on the witness Dan guilty of that too. By the way. Because I saw it. I was guilty of that trespassing. Yeah. It could it was pretty easy to find her guilty, especially talked about it afterwards. So she was convicted on three misdemeanor charges a could Senator to jail for a year and a half. No way. Yup. On the witness stand day. Oh, yeah. Because they found that she endangered the lives of. Her rescuers. Oh, injured herself and the NYPD and you park police officers rescued and apprehended her. The according to the attorney, the act of climbing the base of the statue of liberty went well beyond peaceful protest, a right? We certainly respect it was a crime that people at grave risk because remember there like hanging out over the edge of the statue trying to get her personally, you would be kind of fun though till like be a rescue worker and to have to scale the statue of liberty to save the woman. I mean, isn't there some sort of like man, this was one of the cooler days of my year? Maybe I especially if his fourth of July, and you're pretty much union. So you're getting like triple time. I mean, I guess I mean, she did imperil them. Yeah. I'm with you. I'm following. Yeah. On the stand. She was crying said I had been destroyed by the plate of our broken immigration system. So that's why she did it. She was wearing blue outfit littered with statements protesting Trump's immigration policies. One included. No human is illegal on stolen land. She's sick. She's going to be sentenced marched fit March fifth. The judge said he could not give her a free pass simply because she claims that scaling the wall and protests Trump's immigration policies was an act of conscience. What is your purchasing family separation? Wasn't the one that was her thing. Yeah. I mean. And now she's going to be an cage. But will it be in ObamaCare? Because I've ever recall correctly. She said she was protesting the images of the separation the images of the of the people being separated and in cages. The images you saw from the Obama administration. You realize that there was the two thousand fourteen photos of people during the Obama administration the images that got you upset don't have anything to do with Donald Trump party really clear about that. What would the story gets even better because guess who is one of the people representing her? Gone. Eleven atty. Casts. Talk of another ale in the column. Forever natty? He's he's bad. Like one fifty three. Does he have a victory of any kind yet? I don't know defense lawyer Ron Kuby also was there with her. And he said he was going to ask the judge to sentence her for time served when she is sentenced on March fifth. He said the fact that people say there are consequences for what you do. There is a penalty for what you have done in. No way suggests that it's proper or decent to impose those consequences or to impose those penalties. Wait what? So there's there's consequences and penalties for your actions. But that doesn't mean it's right to impose the consequences and penalties. According to Ron Kuby avenue, Atty said the verdict today was not surprising in light of the letter of the law. But sometimes you have to stand on principle. He said the Trump administration's draconian policies of separating children from parents stripping children for mothers has no place in any civilized society on earth never on any American soil. So she doesn't get sentenced to two time in jail. She doesn't get sentenced or if it's a light sentence. You know avenue ATI is going to be claiming victory. Oh, I like how it sounds like he's claiming a victory anyway here, right? He's like, well the law makes a really clear that she's guilty. So you know, that's it. That's the the black letter of the law. Wait a second. You just failed. You just failed to convince the court that she didn't break the law y your job was the defender and keep her from this, and you didn't and you really claiming like, oh, well, it's the law. What does she hire you for? What was your job precisely Michael avenue? Quick money to pay off all his other debts five.

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