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Have been doing with the grief, losing my dad about nine months ago after very short battle with cancer, and he died three weeks before my wedding. So mostly, I guess it's just oppression. Straight up depression that my life will never be as good because he's not an and anything that is good. Her happy is will always be better sweet because I can't share it with my dad who was the best and. My favorite person in the entire world. But things are slowly but surely getting better. I can say that I'm having more good days than bad now. I think that if I didn't have that permission to just feel feel sad when I. Even though it's a happy day or something like, I don't know. I feel like if I had not had that permission to feel what I'm feeling when I feel it, I might have put a lot more self blame or I guess expectations on myself in this kind of grieving journey. And I anticipate I will have more bad days to come. Probably tomorrow or something. Felt for years ago, I lost my mom to very in cancer. Right after she was diagnosed. I ended up meeting the love of my life who was an awesome dude. And probably the only reason I made it through losing my mom, handsome, dude, God. Tall, beautiful man with a big. Awesome, beard and. He was battling pretty private addiction that I was not aware of until we'd actually been dating about a year and. Here's a law, student key. He was addicted zanex and began drinking really heavily. Stuck it out for about a year and a half through treatments with him. All of which proves to be unsuccessful and ultimately took his life. It took his life on the three year in -versity of my mom's death. Same day..

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