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Of the show busy night I want to get to the calls in just a moment stay put because I've got a lot to say and I raining here from the other studios I mean I was in the other studios and introducing made saying come on the music I'm like are you kidding me all right so I'm a little out of breath that is what you're hearing alright look I ask you this question I would you put your listening ears on the list. if you're right now in your car listening to the radio turn on the radio. seen on your mobile device turn it up turn the volume up. because I'm gonna ask you a serious question I want you to weigh in on this. calls on hold you can weigh in on this as well. do you think. that white supremacy. is the biggest threat to America. or do you think that the laughs attack on Christianity. is the biggest threat to America. think about that one for a moment seven zero two two five seven five three nine six. is how you way into the conversation seven zero two two five seven five three nine six think about this for a moment. do you really think it's everything else that they're trying to make you believe or really isn't the attack on patriotism and values and the nuclear family I mean if you're a male and you're a macho guy they tried to label you toxic masculinity. they want you to be a metrosexual. have you ever noticed that now on TV like if you're watching a sitcom the dad is a do this the mom is the smart one she has all the answers to everything the dads Justin eighty at the you know what drives the the car into the garage door blows up the barbecue or I mean have you noticed there's been the shift and that's why I need to ask you this because look and I'll will college professor declared that he was the anti for. and they are thank god he was removed but they found on his Facebook digital footprint saying that he wanted to kill Christians shocking violent posts about killing Christians that is name was a professor Jeff Quinn's men at Kirkwood community college in cedar rapids Iowa he admitted he's part of anti for they removed him but friends are we not seen that there is an attack on Christianity there's an attack on values this is not a religious show but let's just be intellectually honest the majority of America identifies as Christian and I'm not going to apologize for making that comment because that's a fact with a capital. what you want to say it's not. you see someone has to have the guts. to say those very things someone has to have the guts to ask that's fundamental question. so when I hear about white supremacy rising and I hear about you know this rising no one's talking about evil rising. talking about that I mean my goodness you even have Pete Buttigieg basically stating that he just you know would imagine god would be a Republican. well I'll tell you mayor but is Jake. how. would god not be. tied into a conservative thinking in some capacity because of course god's not political I mean it's just stupid to basically even bring that up in the conversation but you know mayor Pete Buttigieg everybody's forgotten about basically is trying to be relevant and he's trying to do that with religion. but let's think about it for a moment. god I'm sure is not in favor of abortion in the ninth month. wouldn't you agree. so the left says some horrendous things home rendus things. they attack groups. but if you say anything back you're a hater if you're a Christian and you say anything back you just basically our old religious and that Bible is just retails don't put that on me and I mean the truth of the matter is if that was the case why are their bibles in every hotel room in America think about that for a moment why why just think about that for a moment what why is there I mean why for so long did we swear on a Bible. actually be it you know for for an oath to be administered why do you see the ten commandments in federal building buildings my god have you ever been down to the halls of the Supreme Court. think about that for a moment look at the scripture Moses. no friends here's the deal. the left has lost her mind they're trying to basically say there's no moral compass anymore I mean my gosh you have I mean you've got to hear this clip yourself you've got a here this clip yourself so that you can see the outrageous you can hear for yourself the outrageous things that those on the left really say and you know what they believe it if we can run clip number four. trump is as destructive a person in this century as Hitler Stalin and Mao were in the last century he may be responsible for many more million deaths than they were did you hear that did you hear that lunacy and if you're a Democrat how do you how do you defend. he basically said that he's like Stalin Hitler Mao and will probably be responsible for millions of more deaths how in the hell does someone get taken seriously but I guess Hey it's CNN and why not because it's Brian Stelter who is a Bozo himself. so you tell me who has the hatred and the rhetoric. but the media is quiet the media is absolutely quiet just like this other gas that was on NBC MSNBC saying Democrats must burn down conservatives with no survivors I've seen in figure Luthuli of course aha yeah I mean are you kidding me if a Republican said that about Democrats if the president went on national TV and said that the Republicans must burn down the Democrats with no survivors. what do you think would happen. so let me ask you this friends in a moving a phone lines again then I promise I'll go to the other calls. he asked his friends. where do you think the biggest attack is in our country. do you think it's patriotism. do you think it's values. it's the biggest threat that you see. you're not hearing anybody talk about the biggest threat that you see in your neighborhoods in your communities in your church in your life in your city or town your state. because I can guarantee this is certainly not white supremacy on the rise or the white supremacists yes are they a bunch of races bone heads yes but I'm gonna tell you this there are racists in every culture in every ethnicity but to basically continue to scream that is asinine thinking what do you say about this friends what are your thoughts on the seven zero two two five seven five three nine six is how you win the program let's jump now into our busy calls we've got day even your up next was Steve Sanchez what's on your mind. yes free. are you know the meaning to call you about this for some time and you you brought up viable so that's built on mine for long time. and I think he attacked his all Christianity only give your real quick example of what I've experienced. she can hear me okay I can hear you absolutely okay great I I spend but nine once you're on the road every night I I stay in a hotel. since nineteen eighty three. I read the Gideon's Bible before I go to bed it's it's like sleeping pill you read the Bible you sleep like a baby you know a lot of people know that. well about the last two years Obama's administration I mean she major hotel change over certain hours motion there's no vital in the room I've never seen that before I go downstairs and I actually did the front desk I don't have a bottle in her room she Sir what we don't have bottles to earn more your actual warrant or you're gonna have to call corporate and she I ran into this. many times and I honestly think that the administration had something to do with that but a lot of bondage pull down her chills because of so many hotels name brand hotels I'm not naming names there were no Bob. and this was an attack I think you know I'm glad you said that because I really believe I appreciate you called it I really believe there is an attack on Christianity some people say well there he goes with this religious stuff again how's that religious Christianity is a group just like the L. G. B. T. as a group just like anti preserve group just like black lives matters a group just like satanism is an evil group. but for some reason when you speak on Christianity people on the last slip out and I ask myself why. are you that embarrassed of your moral compass but it's a problem for you I mean because I just read where the Palestinian authority basically vowed that millions of fighters will enter the gates of Jerusalem saying. dean will not stop no matter what wares representative to leave. he's always throwing Israel under the bus where she had on this I would like her to make a comment on this very topic. isn't that dangerous rhetoric. isn't that divisive behavior. shouldn't that give you areas of concern. think about that for a moment. radical Islam. although not popular to talk about. has not gone away. do not think for a moment we don't have sleeper cells in this country how long ago was barely a year ago and I believe it was New Mexico where we uncovered that training camp. are you going to try to tell me there are not other training camps in this country. why haven't they struck yet again Steve I believe they're scared to death of this president even though our representative to leave says that the president is just afraid of women of color even though we had women of color in Congress for decades okay I don't know what makes them so special that you know that strips of freedom them because the women of color well we've had women of color and men of color in Washington DC for a hell of a long time that's ridiculousness that's using the woman card that's using the race card to try to get their agenda forward that's who they are can't you see the look like radical activists more than they do congresswoman I.

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