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To mypillow dot com senate minority leader chuck schumer plans to introduce a measure that will repeal the afc sees order to end internet neutrality scott pringle reports senator schumer says this move by the fcc paves the pockets of big internet providers and hurts the little guy with the neutrality eliminated the internet may start to resemble a toll road so the new york democrats introducing a resolution that will help us hit control old delete on the fcc s decision he thinks he's got republicans support on repealing this order net neutrality forces internet companies to treat traffic equally but critics call it government overreach fire crews are in their thirteen th day of battling the thomas fire in southern california it is gorzade over two hundred and sixty thousand acres and it'll be a week before they can reach full containment currently it's forty percent contained this was operation cheap mark brown for the next thirty six hours was very concerned about the santa barbara zone a lot can happen during those next thirty six hours and we do have predicted sundowner wins so we are being very proactive about that you probably are feeling some of the humidity that is coming in from the coastal claim in in this the media area unfortunately that is not having an effect on any of the fire bowler a bottled one thousand feet for usa radio news i'm rod william stall if you're over the age of fifty.

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