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Kind of showa window of what we look like doing that and um you know for this film it was certainly was important for me to work with a largely female crew to give women who i know are so talented who haven't had the opportunities they deserve to get some of those opportunities and also sitting in these interviews they were just like a master class with each of these directors and every woman who was in that room left the room just kind of spinning inspired like ready to take on the worlds and i felt like if i can give women the opportunity to be sitting in this room with a bavarian angel solloway in lena dunham in tina may brie and all these incredible women telling their stories you know that was important as well many adrienne if the director and producer of the documentary half the picture it was just accepted into the sundance film festival where it will premier in january amy thanks so much for permanent this is a thrill thank you so much for having me the frame is produced by southern california public radio more after this break kpcc supporters include the james irvine foundation expanding economic and political opportunity for californians who are working but struggling with poverty more at irvineorg this week on morning edition with the clock running out on this session of congress republicans hope for a big win with their tax overhaul when he didn't eight categorically not low and middleincome people will pay less intact is that at the fag but with a thin margin in the senate and opposition from within their own party the path forward for.

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