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C. O. as well if you get an opportunity but we'll talk more about that you call right now anything is great whatever you could do that would be awesome the sports this morning let's get our troubles merit and I think you'll like it today they're out in Utah playing a late night game and it turned out pretty well let's go to cal here on CCO Kelso request with your wolves meant it well the waltz ring Utah on Monday night quick one game road trip as they tipped off a home and home series with the jazz playing in Utah Monday and then both teams would travel to Minneapolis for another match up on Wednesday here at the target center in the world despite missing Andrew Wiggins for the third straight night and despite being without Jake layman services after the halftime as he sat with with soreness able to pull away in the fourth quarter things were still tied up halfway through the final frame but big buckets from both parlayed the details and human Martin among others able to see the world all the way and secured a ten point road victory Utah's first loss at home on the season after the win reserved field Martin on everyone's stepping up because they for you know we are like Bob rolled out one in a play they're just out there so we had time out this set also down and you know get back to optimal basketball tells the request on the timber wolves radio network far cal pretty good night for the troubles as pretty darn exciting I think we should just call a donate because the walls one how bout that our CenturyLink phone bank here today is nine five two eight five eight eighty three hundred no word on channel Morgan of the golfers who gave no update hopefully he'll be okay for Friday night here's what my so well here's what my sources are telling me so if the gophers won at northwestern doc on Saturday which they should I think so but never take anything for granted allegedly ESPN's gonna bring the game day her all night that's what insiders tell me can we hold of science behind the cameras in front of the cameras we can do whatever wants a radio Mike and Dave yeah yeah I don't know why but I that's the rumor it's only speculation on my part but it would make sense because that would be the biggest game of the day was councilman assault I'll get the big phone figure ready but you can't you know Michael played one game at a time I don't know yeah so we can't look past northwestern here on WCCO and then let's cut in the world of sports this morning and W. C. show kind of slow they offer us a candid city beat the Chargers last night actually twenty four seven to gay but the rivers got picked out four times to lead him in your fantasy full Hey I wore out here Michael yes for the union gospel mission Twin Cities gave out fifty five thousand holiday meals to families last year and you can help us simply by calling nine five two eight five eight eighty three hundred and the neat thing about right now here at six o'clock because in our region the routine I was just out there on the roads I I usually go to work this lake which has a nice but the traffic is a little thicker general Aidid drive in in we have a four to one match and that's a big big deal anonymous donor came as someone a forty one match at this hour so man we can quadruple whatever you give us here in this hour that would be a terrific and that's easy to do it nine five two eight five eight eighty three hundreds our phone number and we got a bunch of nice people answering the phones good morning people let's try that again good morning people I cannot get on the phone we'll come back to me some of those people here in a minute nine five two eight five eight eighty three hundred that's.

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