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One Herrera is our producer The top stories we're following for you tonight involve developments in Ukraine CBS News special report the president of Ukraine says more than 3000 people have now been rescued from that city of mariupol which has been under constant Russian bombardment for weeks Meantime Russia is accusing Ukraine of an attack in the other direction on attack on a fuel depot on Russian soil CBS's Holly Williams This is a Ukrainian air attack according to U.S. officials on Russian soil and the theories that it could lead to some kind of an escalation In fact U.S. officials are apparently concerned by what Russia's reaction may turn out to be Although Russia is apparently withdrawing some of its forces from around the capital of key fighting does continue nearby the mayor of key vitali once a famous boxer says actors doctors they stay with uniform They never expect to take the weapons in the hands but right now they want to defend his city CBS News special report I'm Tom foley Well also tonight another major development Russia is accusing the Ukrainians of launching a cross border helicopter attack on a fuel depot in Russia a Kremlin spokesman says the incident on Russian soil could undermine the negotiations Now Ukraine for its part president zelensky not long ago simply said that he does not discuss orders military commands and military plans with anyone so we don't quite know but the U.S. seems to be confirming that it was Ukrainian helicopters that did go after that Russian fuel depot We'll have to dig deeper and keep watching that Now staying with peace talks that did resume today between Russia and Ukraine the prospects of a quick deal could also be hampered by Russia's ulterior motives as we hear from WTO national security correspondent JJ green Ukraine says Russia is shifting its troops to the country's east for an intensified assault on the mostly Russian speaking Don bass region in the country's east which includes mariupol And so in the coming days a flare up in fighting is expected Ukraine says however it's prepared for it but hoping that they can continue the dialog that will lead to peace That's WTO's JJ green And new tonight Ghislaine Maxwell's sex trafficking conviction has been thrown out or rather hasn't been thrown out tonight A judge refusing to grant Maxwell that new trial despite a juror's failure to disclose he'd been a victim of childhood sexual abuse Maxwell was convicted in December of helping the American millionaire Jeffrey Epstein's abuse of several teenage girls the juror said in response to questioning he had never intentionally provided incorrect answers about sex abuse on a questionnaire before the trial began Defense lawyers say if he had they potentially could have objected to his presence on the jury Maxwell says she's not guilty of the crimes turning back to our area here It's been an important week on Capitol Hill as the House committee continues to investigate the January 6th capitol riot Earlier this week The White House turned over president Trump's phone logs of that day showing an almost 8 hour gap We spoke with CBS News correspondent Scott McFarland just minutes ago He says it's unclear what conclusions the committee will draw from the missing phone laws It's unclear to me where this goes with the January 6th committee It's clearly of interest to them They're trying to piece together who had the president's ear during sensitive times but I'll note that those 7 hours are among the most critical hours in this historic unprecedented American events It's the early afternoon It's the riot itself It's the death of Ashley babbitt while breaching a window It's the assault on police officers It's mayor Bowser's curfew It's the pivotal moments that at this point there are no phone records at least no phone records confirmed CBS News correspondent Scott McFarland And it's not clear yet whether former president Trump or any of his top advisers will face charges over the capitol assault Members of the House committee investigating the January 6th insurrection are pressing the attorney general Merrick Garland to investigate Trump and his associates but at a news conference today Garland said he will not comment on whether the Justice Department will charge anyone We follow the facts and the law wherever they lead And that's all I can say about the investigation It's our long-standing norm To not comment on ongoing investigations the best way to undermine an investigation is to say things out of court On Monday a federal judge said quote it was more likely than not in the former president attempted to obstruct Congress on January 6th Well more about the riot now D.C.'s attorney general Karl Racine is added new defendants to his lawsuit connected with the storming of the capitol The leader of the oath keeper steward roads is among the latest defendants added to attorney general Karl Racine's federal lawsuit against those involved in the January 6th attack Matthew green a member of the Proud Boys has also been added Racine says the move comes after additional evidence revealed leaders encouraged members to use violence to overturn the outcome of the presidential election In a statement we're seen added quote we're delivering on our promise to name names and hold accountable those responsible We are seeking justice for the district our democracy and the brave law enforcement officers who risked their lives that day Melissa Howell WTO P news And still I had after traffic and weather together on the 8s what more have we learned about Virginia's response to those hundreds of people trapped on that icy interstate 95 back in early January It's 7 37 Every better has a system Maybe.

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