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A few more quick questions about the black eyed the children then we'll get to the monsters of the last frontier if you do let them in what has happened to people do we have any reports on that there's very few reports Georgia the tricky thing with this of course is that in other a lot of stories that get posted online and it's always hard to track many of those people down and and give an interview or get further details there are some claims that you know kids are invited them and dire things happen contaminants and so forth I've had a few accounts that article in the book from people that I I was able to interview you had what I would call very close encounters with the kids you know maybe they they reached out and touched for more or something like that and usually the consequences are pretty fast but you know we're always kind of lingers on the back of my mind which what made Strieber said something to me years ago about this phenomena he's you know the thing that disturbs me is is how many people about them and that we don't know about that the answer to one of our own phone seven one way to think about it you know because it is two things really are as dangerous as it is in them yeah maybe there are a lot of help that we just don't hear about what is your investigative got tell you about this I mean are they beans that are are trying to trick us looking like children what what do you think's going on absolutely I don't believe for a moment that their children I think that there I think they're entities from another the level of existence dark dimension another dimension yeah and you know even a few years ago that would sound as far fetched but what what quantum physics is learning now another quantum sciences are explained or explored all these concepts of other levels of assistance and you know there you go if there is something there that you can get over here maybe they're coming over to test the waters or choose who knows what they're doing you a lot of the cases we would need to believe that they're they're coming over here because they see also the motion this is also a senior because so many of the cases George say they produce this intense level of fear in the witnesses the victim if you will and one that he gets kind of reach these kids disappear so it's it's sort of okay mission accomplished absolutely monsters of the last frontier how did you key in on Alaska you know actually George this is one of the series this is the third state that I've covered I realized at some point how expensive my files were from investigating and doing field work for seven years and I've spent some time in the last retrieving twelve next on my list to do all to focus just on the criticism that state and that's what I did is I don't know if you've been to Alaska but it's it's a very intriguing place it's never never been out that way there's something sort of of the world was about it in a sense and while I can't imagine living there because of the cold but that's not so much of the year at the same time it has a very unique wall beauty and then other people are just wonderful so when I started delving into the cricket matches up there all my gosh you talk about a a rich body of folklore and in time the modern side instead and David C. argued that the cryptids in legends of Alaska I mean they're all over the place aren't they they are they're all over the whole state and you know you have to remember some of your existence laughter is the it's the least densely populated state it's one of the biggest but it's still many steps it is to be on a larger state and I can always tell people it's a mushy bento last it's hard to really come she is how big it is some people work on mass out there last week with their you take you take out one of Alaska and laid over the lower forty eight and then you suddenly start to realize we're talking about a lot of territory it's over six hundred and sixty thousand square miles wow and you can walk to Russia just about yeah if the walk across and it it's it's very rugged territory you know so much of it uninhabited of course the people that live there for the most part cluster around the major cities and small villages now when we talk about cryptids in legends of Alaska and the book monsters of the last frontier give us an overview first of all of what kinds of the subjects were talking about oh gosh so a lot of Sasquatch sightings you know there's there's so much while territory up there and these these accounts go far far back in the state's history because the native tribes in the region they talk about these creatures all the way back in their oral traditions and you know Alaska has passed you over twenty one we recognized five so again that's a lot of different bodies of people they all have their own terms to describe these scary creatures that live in the wild we've got water monsters of there of course because a lot of water in the last you know it's obviously on the ocean but fresh water lakes and water in abundance show a lot of various water creature Solomon some other strange for student back then the lower caste some introduction native traditions in there's there's rumors of a chance of the dare that seem to come out of old native war in the region but there's other curious stories legends of moving Malinche having a wonderful after far beyond the time that they purportedly perished there are Thunderbird sightings and then there are few other curious stories that crop up here and there lies the hope story he called for and dusters on late dealing on the monster there's some really weird tale about a town called port Markel Corp Johnson yeah I was gonna say what is that poor Chatham story one of those guys so the story with Wisbech town was that it was a small little can retail and it became a a real place on map if you will in the nineteen twenties or the post office opened in the town but it really never groups any significant size the the census in nineteen forty only listed at just over thirty resident and tell and almost all the more employees in the SKF so what happens with this town is that if this disappears very suddenly because everyone of the moon shall Jeez and they get spooked or what this well here we go don't worry hold the retirement years he's been covered pretty well by by the trash in a lasting the first mention significance of the nineteen seventy three on the anchorage Daily News started talking about the the strangeness of the town and it showed that port lodges she's existence because everyone laughs they were afraid of the hairy man that was terrorizing the town now the costs for this channel goes back to accordingly the first death in nineteen thirty one it was a lawyer who was working just in the hills outside of the town and he was found murdered however here's the kicker George the murder weapon was a piece of involved moving equipment no human kind of listed yet somehow this man was bashed in the head with cheese first Mr anything but then other strange does in on some of this is very difficult to sort out of course all of the exaggerated bore and the real intentions because there are stories of hunters finding eighteen minutes footprints in the snow around the village there are their stories of hunters going up into the hills and never returning but this is kind of gruesome pieces of their body washing down my guard in the water and the market in the villages should were were nothing like a a pair with a son so what really becomes fascinating about this story is that in two thousand nine the Homer Tribune order with the paper ran a story interviews state elder in residence one in Portugal and the nineteen thirties and this woman hold on the stories and said that she remembers her family being terrified and that they also plans that they left their spoons and that they left their school and they left their homes because of the mansion dot com and that was the original name for roughly translates as big herring and it was which she described as frightening that was a a man because that was killing people and finally the villagers said you know enough we've lost enough people on mass they just all of them and left a message she lost everything and what so the question remains very mysterious is very difficult to act you know you can look on travel information for the region and and a lot of times it'll say you can get there by eight GB or something but it is clearly you can't we pretty much need to go and buy a bush plane or by boat and I tried a couple different times to get there but weather conditions would allow on some of my trips as I've spoken to a number of people that have been to the site and they said that even today that is the theory hearing it's the area to walk through this little village and and one person tell me he said you know I've been there and I was so honored I felt like something was watching us the entire time you mentioned the story of your recall who is he who was he all boy that's a good one George so in nineteen hundred this gentleman named Harry D. Cole was a prospector in Alaska I'm looking for is fortune now looking to strike it rich and poor this mission is not only this entire chain all comes from his own hand written manuscripts she wrote the details of its Spanish is out and they were lost for a long time the daughter found in the nineteen fifties she actually published the manuscript was a little book but you can still get it sometimes and and it was titled the strangest story ever told and when you read the same thing wow it is at least for Alaska so getting back to it the call was a cosponsor he joined up with three other guys and they had a plan to look for a place to make further fortunes and they'd heard the stories about being told in Thomaston now they cannot agree together in Rangel and elected one of their group to go out and do some initial prospecting to see if it was worth the trip they send their style Copleston Charlie Sam Charlie out she enjoyed for about three months but it comes back in very short periods he walks in their cabin it also is down this huge chunk of quarters for gold call these guys are naturally very very sizes Carlson's I'll tell you tomorrow in interviews to sleep that's not.

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